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Ibanez Roadstar II

Ibanez RS1400

User reviews on Ibanez Roadstar II products

killerkgprime's review (Ibanez - RS300)

By killerkgprime, 28/03/2011
The Ibanez Roadstar is MIJ. Mine had a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge, and the stock single coils in the middle and neck. The neck is maple with a rosewood board. I loved the neck profile, it felt like a great, chunky C shaped strat. Really comfortable. It had a vintage trem, and 22 frets. I used this guitar for dropped tunings, and it shone in the lower registers.


All the sounds available were useable, the neck pickup and bridge in particular were great. The coil tapped bridge did convincing Strat single tones, and all of the tones available straddled the warmth and beef of passive pickups, and the articulate metallic chunk of active pickups. I had a coil tap installed, and the tapped humbucker in the bridge did a great Strat tone.

Upper Fret Access is average, when you consider the strat style, block neck joint. The Roadster was about 9 lbs. For a superstrat had some heft to it!


I was surprised at how good the pickups sounded for the money. The single coils sounded bright and trebly, but very chimey and strat like it handled high gain really well. Almost in between an active single and a regular single.

The JB was thick and lively in this guitar. The bottom end was huge, and tight, with lots of definition, and a metallic edge to it. This is the only guitar I owned that I regret selling.

Something about the way this guitar sounded made me want to play. As I'm typing this, I'm actually on ebay searching for another Roadstar. I'd forgotten what a great guitars they are!


The pickups sound really unique, they're the perfect for modern downtuned metal. I think that these guitars are great value for money, and they have a very comfortable neck that feels like an old Strat. Knowing what I do now, I would buy another one. I'm actually looking for another one right now.

One thing I didn't like was the lack of availability for parts. My pickguard broke, near the jack, and I couldn't find a low cost replacement anywhere. The only way to get something of quality, in a configuration and colour that suited me, would be to custom order it, and it seemed like alot of money, given that I paid very little for the guitar.

It ensures grandmother (Ibanez - RB650)

By Texas barbudos, 09/11/2013
Made in Japan with quality japan 80's.
Two microphones, a PB and JB.
Ibanez copied very good at the time.


Handle very conventional precision.
Its typical rock the old we get to saturate clean and light metallic coloring riffs to John ENTWHISTLE.
Very good versatility to other fields such as soul, jazz and rhythm & blues
It's simple and effective.


Many harmonics.
Rather than heavy fine.


Low numbers are passed into my hands and I kept it because its sound "rock legacy" is not found today.
The finishing materials are blameless for this unbeatable price / performance and especially its place almost 30 years after his baptism report.
Not a crachottement of pots, the handle still good law .... she still had a few sets of strings during his career.

A good bass Rock (Ibanez - RB924)

By David LO PAT, 15/11/2014
Japanese -Fabrication 1983
Solid -Chevalet, Schaller kind
-Manche Ibanez, easy to play, 24 frets.
-A Micro hidden under a humbucker cover PB, Double Jazz Bass
- Volume, Balance, tone, split three positions for the double JB (1, 1, 1 + 1)
-Body Alder, Maple Table speckled head coordinated bending table.


-The Handle is really nice although I'm not used to the 24 cases, I'm doing pretty well. Note I changed the tuning and the nut in SI-LA-RE-MI and it goes quite!
-L'ergonomie Is nice, it does not sting the nose but weighs its weight (4.8kg).
-It I miss bevel table, especially mediator (I only use it for that), to avoid compression of the forearm but I'm getting me gently and use it mostly standing, it limits the damage.


The sound is very wide but perfect for rock or metal, it goes great with an overdrive switch and gives change.
Perfect for Growl, for the rest, uh bah I prefer my JB ...


I bought it for recording and it did its job, these Japanese Deut the 80s are great, everyone should have such an instrument and from that time. Sometimes it is less expensive than a survey instrument and it really worth it.

desratovski's review (Ibanez - RS1400)

By desratovski, 17/06/2007
1983 model, manufactured in Japan (167 copies).
21 frets, 2 humbuckers splitables separately in single, rglage Volume and Tone for each of the microphones, slecteur 3 positions


The handle is very pleasant, access to acute is very easy (at the same time, there are only 21 frets, which is a fair bit sometimes ...)
Very good ergonomics: the guitar is neither too heavy nor too lightweight, perfect!


I must say that this guitar has a wide range of sounds thanks to its two rglables and splitables humbuckers. It may as well get a fat a clearer sound. Basically, we can do metal, picking, rock: this guitar is very versatile. I use a fender amp FM 212R with a good clean sound but a much mediocre saturation. Despite cel we get a good sound out saturated with the guitar.


I use it for about 2 years. Before, I had a Cort G 254 which was not bad for dbuter but had a few problems when putting the buzz saturation. It does not compare face RS 1400: p.
It is a versatile guitar you can play all styles and sounds varis offers its thanks splitables microphones.
Too bad it has 21 frets ...