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Ibanez Roadstar

Ibanez RG140 [1986-1987]

User reviews on Ibanez Roadstar products

Ibanez RG440 Roadstar II (Ibanez - RG440)

By MGR/Ben Hamilton, 10/01/2004
I bought this guitar second-hand through the Australian trading post. I got it off a fellow out in the country who had inherited it from his uncle or something similar... The guy didn't play, so this guitar was in excellent condition when i got it. I paid AU$400 for it, which was not too bad all things considered.

The feel of the neck is excellent, it is narrow, but doesn't cramp your style. The frets are a lot lower than on many guitars i've played, particularly the majority of gibsons or epiphones. I don't know if this was due to it being a bit older (its a 1986 model) and thus the frets a little worn down, but it plays nicely. The higher frets give an excellent sound, esp. with the pickup selector switched to the humbucker. The neck and middle single coils are ok, but nothing outstanding. Like all ibanez's, (except the newer low-end ones maybe... :P) when overdriven it sounds crisp and drives really strongly. I have a cruddy amp system at home, but on a decent amp it certainly beats a lot of other 'rock' guitars.

In one word, the Floyd Rose bridge and tremolo system. I know these are tempermental, and i know they are fiddly, and i know you have to invest a lot of time and effort in getting the hang of it but DAMN, its a pain at times! If you've never had to deal with a floyd rose before then i reccomend you avoid them unless you are prepared to spend many many hours fiddling and adjusting. I have had this guitar for almost a year, and despite two or three 'professional' setup jobs done, it still will not sound right. Tuning it takes about 10 minutes, and restringing takes at least an hour. The sound quality suffers as well; you have to decide where you want it in tune. I set it up for mid to low range power chords (i play a lot of rock) and thus when clean, open chords sound horriffic. Maybe i'm doing something wrong, but i've talked to an awful lot of people and this problem will not go away. (i have replaced springs, tried different string gauges, tested and adjusted the intonation about 30 times, cant seem to solve the problem).

All in all it is very solidly built. It is weighted well, and doesnt pull your shoulder off after half and hour of playing with a strap. The finish has been resistant to a fair bit of bad treatment, and only has a couple of small scratches to show for it. The hardware is still shiny and bright, with no nasty rust patches or darkening spots.

Basically it is not a bad guitar, but floyd roses are not everyones cup of tea. I wouldnt reccomend it as a first guitar, particularly a first guitar with a floyd rose. Despite my difficulties it has a certain charm and plays very well even with the tuning problems. If you have the time and patience to learn about floyd roses, or you already have a lot of experience with them, then you would probably go well with this guitar.

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Unbeatable quality / price (Ibanez - RG140 [1986-1987])

By sganus, 21/01/2014
There are several sets of Roadstar II Series and each series is available in several models.
My review will focus on the "Standard" series RG 1986 (Made in Japan)
There are 5 models of the RG series: RG110, RG120, RG135, RG140 and RG200
for common features (body, number of frets, neck, bridge (except RG 200 which has a fixed bridge)) see the "info" tab. For the rest see below:

Pickups: Two types of microphone: Humbucker "Super 70" and micro simple "Super 7F". The configuration according to the model are the following:
RG110: H (bridge)
RG120: HH (bridge, neck)
RG135: SSS
RG200: SSH (Humbucker IBZ)

RG 110: 1V 1T
RG120: 1V 1T (2 splitables) 3 pos selector
RG: 135 1V 1T 5-way pos
RG 140: 1V 1T (splitable) switch 5 pos
RG 200: same RG140.

RG110: black and white lacquered varnish
RG120: black and white lacquered varnish
RG135: black varnish, lacquer and white lacquered red
RG140: black varnish, lacquer and white lacquered red
RG200: black and white lacquered varnish

I think bear on the model RG140 black glossy finish:
The finish is very good and stand up well over time, mine is 1986 and the body of the air out of the factory.


This is my first electric, I bought it on a classifieds site online without seeing neither tried (I know it's not good but I like the risk ...) for a relatively fair amount (300 euros in FDP). unpacking already we feel that it's tough (it weighs) and even 1986 models have been refined over the last model ...
But his overweight is quickly forgotten once the fingers are placed on the handle, it is a perfect ergonomics, relatively thin which go perfectly with my little fingers. Access to acute is no problem for the bends is a treat (rise 10-46). The origination knobs do their job and split on the tone used to switch the pickup simple double making it a very versatile guitar. For my part, the only change I made is to have change the humbucker with a Seymour Duncan "Pearly Gates" for a sound more "Texan" but otherwise the original pickups do their job.
Holding agreement is good if you do not play too much on the tremolo (It is beautiful but prolonged use tends to désacorder the guitar). This is the only fault I found him.
Smaller, the string change is "the front" without removing the backplate.


Regarding the sound I find the clean widely as well (see best) a Fender made in mexico, if I dare say that I can tease a Strat Made In USA. I use a Line 6 amp 30w 4 Spyder does not send wrong, I had the opportunity to test it on a lamp and there is nirvana.
Side sounds Crunch / lead / distortion / fuzz she defended well (I use a MXR Custom Badass 78 and a Big Muff). Certes this is not a typical guitar Big Metal taking off the wallpaper but it's still honest in this register.
His favorite subject is the rock of the 70/80 and it's good, that's what I prefer ...
The sustain is incredible, even without an amp. then with a Fuzz behind ....


I have 10 months ago, this is my first electric and I am delighted. His only flaws are the weight and the tremolo but for 300 euros you have a guitar that can compete with American Standard, the quality / price ratio is really huge. For beginners is a versatile guitar and really enjoyable to play. I actually tested a friend who plays in a group he found really terrible at her and ergonomics. When I have told him the price I had paid it remained on the c .. l. And more fashion is "vintage" to kick a vintage guitar TRUE that a story I say: I BOUGHT.
I do not regret this purchase and if it again, well ........ In your opinion?

ultra versatile guitar (Ibanez - RG560)

By chapape, 18/06/2012
Japan manufacturing in factories Fujigen Gakki even if it is not registered with the guitar
Wizard handle 22 boxes
floyd very lo
basswood body (lime) and non-Alder as told in the opinion prcdent
Vibrat floyd very lo
Rg only be output in the setup 2 Single 1 double:
S1 2 Single and dual V8 all of very good level
manufacturing quality on top!


handle very accurate and comfortable. Appropriate weight even if it is much heavier than a Squier or fender mexico (usually, it's a good sign) is dcroche good sound very easily. The vibrato is flawless, it holds very well the agreement.


L I'll just put that because the pickups are a very good level but lack of some heat.
The dual V8 dbote even when not bad.
This guitar can play everything from funk to hard through the metal, she does want more versatile than rg 550 that it can only play the Mtal.


I use it for 11 years, what I love is his sleeve and floyd and microphones that are a better standard than that proposed the current R factories in China. A comfortable guitar, fast and versatile.

spinko's review (Ibanez - Pro 540S)

By spinko, 06/01/2010