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Ibanez Sage

Ibanez SGT230E

User reviews on Ibanez Sage products

Anonyme's review (Ibanez - SGT130E)

By Anonyme, 10/05/2008
Made in China,
Buying in France,
View of the net
I function on a MODEL APRS reading and lbr /> user reviews.
I was looking for a great price guitar folk
complter to park my guitar
And I was only half of cases.

Ideal therefore for decision microphone in the studio.

Little more .. the tuner practice my faith.
The little less ... the buttons on the handle a bit rough.
but should be done over time.
The small mouai ... the original strings .. but it is a dtail

Anyway enjoyable to play, just the top and bottom of the handle,
with capo .. or bottleneck ... a good multi-tool.

For the price (bought new 169 euros)
Sounds good.

Compared with some models of its kind,
yamaha or cort etc.. there is no comparison.

I admit even this model prfrer some guitars
del at 500 euros.


CHAC is not too acute to a, but ...
Weight correct .. fairly lightweight.


It's perfect for my use ..

Thurs trs enjoyable to touch and ear
with a capo from the 5th case


With exprience .. I redo this choice without hsiter ..

tonioux's review (Ibanez - SGT130E)

By tonioux, 09/02/2008
This is a guitar Chinese (Taiwanese manufacturing), the rest is standard nothing to say apart from the tuner Intgr not used much is given a limit ear is better ^ ^


The handle is trs enjoyable it is too late but the rosewood is super enjoyable, Access in acute, however, is not easy (requires jumbo) but for what I play with is not c serious (I'm not an expert on high). When the weight is heavy enough, it dta mahogany but it is so I suporte 10


The sound is really good for a trs guitar of this price Ibanez does not care of the customer is not clear prcis, powerful sound! thanks to the bass drum with a mdiator not need to amp!
short I put 9 because I do not yet exploit this guitar


For the price it's really a great guitar, I would do this choice because when you look at the Sherwood or other marks that price Ibanez is a little above (the Lag ave) is a good price and quality plus she is too good! (Wood is a color! Beautiful) a brief trs good guitar for both beginners and for those who tease though!

Nagy's review (Ibanez - SGT130E)

By Nagy, 01/11/2007
Jumbo body
Engelmann spruce table
Basically, mahogany and wicker covers
Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
Rosette perloid
Sleeve nut and bridge ivorex II
IBZ Tuner
ankles advantage
Mcaniques Smooth Tuner AS chrome
Addario EXP strings

The finishes are a little DSIR (missing a little paint lost in a corner of the guitar), but remains minimal trs, and as it is not manufacturing, but the store has o silent buy ^ ^
Otherwise, the color (Vintage Sunburst) is just beautiful!


For an entry-level, a TRS is a good grip. I just beginners (a few months at most), but for playing on more upscale MODELS (Epiphone, etc ...), a good rest trs.
The handle is a little bomb but not too much, and is quite enjoyable. Although sr, the abscence of pan shot makes almost-impossible-Access in Aiges, but for my use, it has as much trs ^ ^
It is trslgre form despite the jumbo trs comfortable, and Intgr tuner works well too.
The strings are good books with invoice, not too grazing and allow a cool game quickly, the more experienced will change quickly, but it will rev fine for a first game (They are D'addario when same ^ ^)


I play mostly pop / rock and some blues and corresspond plutt well. She has a good and safe sounds good quite easily. The game allows the hand to get a dj noise level satisfactory to mdiator against it is really amplified by ^ ^


I've had just a few days, but the abscence of opinion on the site made me post one soon, because during my research I really struggled to find the opinion (and I I think even did not find ^ ^).
All in all a good guitar trs at least for beginners, but I think also to evolve as it allows any kind of game quite easily. For my hobby has left the IDAL not need guitars whopping price.
In addition, the tuner Intgr makes a little gadget rvle very practical, even if the mcaniques seem to hold the tuning well, if you want to play with a guitar piece for a few other places it is useful.

Finally, the report qualitprix seems to me satisfactory for my use at least. It is a little tt to say whether I would do the selection, but looks on course plutt.

PS: If you have any of the same opportunity to try it before (in the case of an order online), it's even more fun to;)