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Ibanez GIO RG

Ibanez GRG170DXL

User reviews on Ibanez GIO RG products

Good for kids or travelers. (Ibanez - GRG21GB)

By heads on fire, 09/09/2011
Made in China
Basswood or Agathis body
Bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fretboard (24 frets)
22.2 inch scale
Fixed Bridge with height adjustable saddles
2 humbuckers
1 selector switch
1 volume pot
1 tone pot


The Ibanez RG Mikro is your basic super-strat type guitar, only smaller! This guitar is easy to set up and play, which I find to be the most important attributes in a beginner or kid's guitar. If a guitar is hard to play, kids will not enjoy playing, so they won't pick it up and do it. This guitar can be set up to get very good, playable action on all frets. 24 frets is also a really nice feature in a small-scale axe.

The fit an finish weren't spot on perfect, but this is a beginner-grade student instrument, and it was absolutely good enough for my tastes at this price point.


The guitar sounds pretty good through anything, clean or distorted. It can get all the requisite metal and rock tones that is expected by the Ibanez RG name, but can get other tones as well. For the price point and targeted market, it sounds pretty good. There is not as much warmth on the neck pickup as on full-size RGs, but that can be expected with the shorter scale. The pickup must sit closer to the bridge at this scale, and therefore can't get as warm - it's simple physics. It sounds different enough from the bridge pickup, so I'm not counting off for that.


As an adult, I like the fact that the guitar is a good travel size. As a teacher, I like that Ibanez makes a smaller 24-fret RG for kid's hands. RGs have always been some of my favorite guitars, and I'm glad that Ibanez is thinking of the guitarists of tomorrow with this product. It's definitely a first guitar, but it's better than most people's first guitar was, so in my mind, this axe is a winner.

Ibanez GRG170DX (Ibanez - GRG170DX)

By MGR/David Carroll, 04/05/2005
I bought this guitar from a local store "Dennis Todd's" at the price of £150, (Amazing!).

I love the neck of this guitar! It is perfect :) Very thin, and fast. Extremely comfortable and smooth. Also, the look of the guitar isn't too bad either. Construction is very solid and expensive feeling, especially considering the low price.


Perfect construction. Very solid and expensive feeling. Ibanez treat these lower end models exacly the same as the more expensive ones. No faults or flaws in the paintwork, and all set up perfectly.

Great guitar for the price; I haven't found one so comfortable in this price range. The sound is pretty amazing too considering the low price. Definately a good guitar for anyone on a budget.

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Ibanez GRG170DX (Ibanez - GRG170DX)

By MGR/CRAIG-5, 16/03/2006
I've been Playing Guitar for 11 years, I have 1 Acoustic that I learn't to play, and now I'm on my 3rd electric which is the Ibanez.
I've had a Tanglewood Strat. (Cherry Red with White Pick Guard) and a B.C. Rich Bronze Warlock. I'm looking to get another Warlock in the future.

I'm into the Metal Generations, Heavy/Death/Power/Black etc.

I Jam at my mates house he plays Drums and has a Custom Drum Kit, so there is a possibility of a future Metal Band in the pipeline.

I wanted another Electric Guitar that was within my price range, and I looked at one of the lowest priced Ibanez Range, which was the Gio Series.

The Guitar was around £179 which was a good price especially for one of the biggest guitar brands.

I like the fast Playibility with the wizard neck, the Shark teeth inlays, the White Binding round the Neck and it's Bridge, Centre and Neck Pickups have a good Powerful and Clean Tone.

The 'Fat Bridge' (Trem Bridge) is sometimes a pain because when I tune from low to high, I have to repeat the tuning over again because the Strings are being pulled back with the Bridge tension and they de-tune straight away.

Construction is good, the weight factor isn't to bad, though sometimes after playing standing up after while it can become heavy.

The Neck is quick and has a good playibility to it. The Paint finish is to a good quality (I have the Jewel Blue Model).

I also like the way the fingerboard is finished, the Shark teeth inlays instead of the default Dot inlays, the Shark teeth give it a better look.

Great Guitar for the price and for an Ibanez, it's better than the other two Electric's I had.

It's definitly for the Pro and Beginner.

For the type of Music I play it would've been better with a Fixed Bridge, but I still like it and it was money well spent.

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The plain Jane of guitars IMHO... (Ibanez - GRG170DX)

By joonbug, 17/07/2016
I broke up with my ex-girlfriend of 12 years about 3 years ago, she refused to allow me to have a guitar in the house. A couple of months ago after I had to close down my factory for economic reasons, I bought this guitar and a Marshall MG15CFR.

The type of music I would play on the guitar would be some metal, hard rock and obviously clean sounds for pop music or plain rhythm guitar.

My older brother gave me an Ibanez Iceman model a long time ago, so I have an affinity for Ibanez models. I liked the feel, the weight of the guitar, the narrow neck, etc. The initial problems I was having on the guitar was if I was holding a C-chord (open), my ring finger might slightly touch the D string with my middle finger on the E position after getting over that learning curve (and yes I occasionally still have the problem of fingers muting string on open chords).

The clean sound I feel has no personality, the neck position front pickups kind of distorts if too loud, and the neck & middle pickup configuration will be slightly brighter but still kind of dull. The middle position is brightly dull if that makes sense, whereas the middle/bridge p/u configuration is the best of the bunch, and using the bridge pickup in clean mode also can distort a little but not as much as the neck p/u.

As for the crunch/distortion, I find the bridge to be the best or perhaps I've been indoctrinated into believing that's the best for distortion as I was growing up but I digress. I noticed the louder I have the amp the better the crunch is, especially the bridge pickup so I'm assuming it translates to other amps, also considering upgrading pickups to DiMarzios or Seymour Duncans...

Overall having not played the guitar for over 10 years and getting back into it, I'm happy with the purchase and highly recommend for beginners.