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Ibanez PF10

User reviews on Ibanez Performance products

Basic Acoustic (Ibanez - PF60S)

By polishdog90, 25/08/2011
Made in China
20 frets
Hollow Body


This is a pretty basic acoustic guitar. It's easy enough to play. I have a hard time reaching past the 12th fret because there is no cutaway. I generally don't play that high on an acoustic anyway so it's not a big deal. It's pretty easy to a good sound as long as you sound good with your hands. It's comfortably shaped to play sitting down. There are no pegs for a strap.


This guitar sounds pretty good. Its not a super high end acoustic guitar but its pretty easy to get good tone out of it. I think that the most important part of any guitar is the player, so if your hands can achieve good tone, it will achieve good tone on this guitar. I have been using this guitar recently for lo-fi folk recordings and I think it's perfect for that.


I like this guitar because its cheap but still sounds pretty good. I use it in recordings and can also haul it to the beach for a bonfire with worrying too much about breaking it. I'm not sure how much it was new but I got it cheap used ($100) and it was totally worth it. I like its sound better than my takamine electric acoustic and that was more expensive. I use this more than most of my other guitars because I have it lying around my living room and grab it whenever for a quick jam. I would definitely re-purchase it if I had the opportunity.

Ibanez PF 10-12 (Ibanez - PF10-12)

By MGR/Stone, 06/02/2002
I bought the guitar at a pawn shop in Provo, Utah for $150 with a soft case. I already have two 6-string acoustics and have wanted a 12-string for some time, but did not want to pay a lot.

I love the 12-string sound. Although it is a little harder to play that a 6-string, I've had fun with it for the two weeks I've had it. It has great volume and sustain. The wood is in quite good shape for an older model, just a few belt scratches on the back.

The only things I don't like are;

the sound is a little too treble for me, but that really works for certain songs


the neck is so wide I have a little trouble getting around it for some more complex chords. But I assume most 12-strings have a similar neck and it's just the nature of the beast.

Surprisingly good construction and finish. The action is low, the fit is good. It holds it's tune very well, something I was worried about with 12 tuners to fiddle with. The wood on the back and sides I think is dark mahogany and it's beautiful.

It was just what I wanted and at the price I wanted to spend. If it gets broken, I would be sad, but have little reason to cry because it was so cheap. I hope I can get good enough to play some real 12-string classics like Turn, Turn, Turn.

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Ibanez PF-5 (Ibanez - PF5)

By MGR/Filp, 30/10/2002
I paid $169 off my friend recommended it to me so i went out and bought it

It plays quite well, the sound nice and clear. The marine sunburst color that i have stands out from others, and the color is really great.

not anything significant, its somewhat easy to get fingerprints on it, but it is all good besides that

China made, but quality construction.. I have gotten a few nicks on the neck, but that is because i am careless and accidentally hit things with it..

I would recommend this to any beginner who wants a good guitar to play and learn on

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Perfect all his! (Ibanez - PF60SL)

By valemtymes, 25/04/2013
The guitar is made in China.
The bridge is made of wood with pegs inside
Mahogany neck 21 frets
No no micro adjustments


The handle is nice end like all folk in Ibanez
The ergonomics are good set apart that we will not have access to acute below the 15th box (no cut pant) the sound is good 10/10


I play unplugged rock ballads ... And it is perfect for her


I use it for 6 years. I buy another model electro acoustic (Ibanez w20) but I kept this one. € 219 bought 6 years ago I said all really good if you find a used is a matter ;) because it is no longer manufactured