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User reviews on Ibanez SRX products

Ibanez SRX 705 (Ibanez - SRX705)

By MGR/Bassin fo jesus, 21/08/2003
I had an ESP and was ready for a change so i looked on ebay and found this $900 bass for $450

this bass first off is beautiful. it has a 5 piece body and a three piece neck... with the neck through construction the sustain is great. the active eq and pickups give it any sound you might want. from gospel to metal

the frets are a little small but that just takes getting used to my esp had jumbo and ive had it for 3 years so ya not a big deal

great quality bridge is almost too strong.

great bass for anyone i would suggest not looking at a retail store look on ebay...u might just find a deal...i did!

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Ibanez SRX-500 (Ibanez - SRX500)

By MGR/Jack Elliott (Ignorance Bassist), 09/10/2003
Bought From The Guitar, Amp and Keyboard Centre online for £319 (GBP)

The bass feels very comfortable, its one of those 'next-gen' types with a slim neck and active electronics. Two active humbuckers, volume, tone, bass cut/boost and treble cut/boost. Full 24 fret neck that is extremely slim and fast. It gives the full spectrum of sounds from a low bassy rumble that literally shakes the walls to a high trebly almost nasal sound. It is sort of a compilation, looks like an abstract jazz bass, has a new style neck and sounds kinda like a Stingray with the bridge pick up. Also, it can sound like a Warwick Thumb a certain settings.

Nothing realy, perhaps the fact that the higher strings sound almost underpowered, expect to use the eq, a lot.

Seems very well built, GAK had to order one in specially, transport it all the way up the country, leave it in a cold warehouse for two days and the finally tell me where it was so I could go get it, and it was in tune when I got it home! Feels very solid, think it will stand up to my style of playing (smashie-smashie.)

Extremely good, will reccomend to anyone who is looking for an extremely versatile and powerful bass. What is the same price? Epiphone flying vees or explorers? Squiers! The only thing that even close are Yamaha's. Even the Fender Mexicos dont feel as solid. If you have eyes that want a Stingray or a Warwick, but a wallet that doesnt, buy it. Its that simple.

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Ibanez SRX300 (Ibanez - SRX300)

By MGR/jeff, 05/11/2003
i got this bass a few weeks ago. I payed 300 bucks and it was well worth it!

sounds great, really loud clean sound looks like a million bucks

cant say anything bad about it right now except it is a slight but uncomfortable on the forearm area.

the qualtiy is equal to that of a 500- 600 dollar bass for half the price.


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Ibanez SRX300 (Ibanez - SRX300)

By MGR/C. Mulder, 19/04/2004
bought in a store in Spain, Alternativas Musicales, who give BIG discounts ;) It´s listprice is 480€ but I paid 385€... Bought it as a second bass after having played lots of basses in stores and having read like 1000000 articles on all basses. I was between this one, a yamaha bb404, a yamaha rbx370 and an ibanez gsr series. I also looked at the squire special P-bass, but this one outmatched all of those in features, apparent quality and finish. and looks ;)

Ok i have like a few likes, almost everything actually... First of all, as mentioned in another review, only Iron Pewter finish seemed to be available (the other finish is moonlight shadow and looks like... like an ugly guitar-shaped moon :) BUT.... Ibanez has made a change in its offer: moonlight out, Bright Blue in. It looks awful to me at the internet site but now they told me iron pewter wouldn´t come untill june... so i got the blue one and it´s... SOOOOOOOOOOooooooo beautiful!!!!! It doesn´t look ANYTHING like the picture!!! it´s a transparent dark blue finish, like a dark sea colour. and its all glossy´and you can see the wood :)
Next are the pickups: 2 MASSIVE humbuckers with MASSIVE exposed polepieces (really really BIG) and more important they sound great. The same ones are used in high end srx basses so... They have built in thumb rests so you don´t misform your thumb :) Though they are PASSIVE (not like someone else said) it has an active pickup, great combination, with simple controls (volume, pickup balance, bass boost/cut, treble boost/cut), and heavy duty knobs. Zero hums by the way (not like the yamahas or the squire...) neck is 2 octave, slim and fast, and the body is a bit less rounded than other ibanez models. I like the style of it but others may find it a bit too square. Bridge is fine, heavy duty end is 1cm thick or so. Tuners are fine too (adjustable). I don´t know what kind of strings are on it, but i would like to know, they´re pretty good, although high-end srx come with elixir strings and this one I think not.

I would have liked a gigbag coming with it but instead it came with a cardboard box, a cable and an instruction booklet (yes, an instruction booklet) which explains where we can find the "strings" on the bass, how to tune them with the "tuners", etc... yep, a gigbag or a case would have been better, but for this money its this or a very-low-end yamaha/squire... Also, I would have liked a cable lock since I tend to step on my cable like every minute...
The only thing that bothered me a bit at first was the space between the pickups, its a bit small, not because they´re too close together, but because they´re TOO BIG :) So the first few hours my fingerplaying hit the bridge pickup but i´m used to it now... maybe it was because my playing style was a bit retarded I don´t know.
No major dislikes thus.

bolt on neck, solid basswood body, medium frets, Ibanez PFR pickups, everything solid state, everything nice, no flaws whatsoever. I especially like the finish of the fingerboard at the body side...

For the price, it hasn´t any real competitors. Great finish, great sound, REALLY REALLY POWERFUL SOUND (very very nice lows), and beautiful... I´m in love with the colour... Its a bit heavy and corners aren´t very round-shaped but other than that great bass. I´ve played the srx500 too and it´s not worth the extra 200€ unless you´re bill gates :) almost exactly the same features except for the sunburst colour, the hardware COULOUR and a maple top. I´ll give it 4 of 5 because I believe that there are better basses like the warwicks, but believe me for this money its the best you will find. (it beats EVERYTHING out of the gsr series by the way)

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