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Ibanez Tone Blaster X

Ibanez TBX150R

User reviews on Ibanez Tone Blaster X products

cheap little head (Ibanez - TBX150H )

By iamqman, 26/07/2011
Ibanez is a great company that makes very useful products that not only cover guitar amplifiers, but also pedals as well as guitars. Many players from all around the world has player or has used an Ibanez guitar at one point or another. I can also bet that everyone in the world whether or not they have known it has heard an Ibanez tube screamer. This pedal has been featured on countless albums and touring stages for decades now. So if you tunr on your car radio during the day the chances are you will within about 5 minutes hear an Ibanez tube screamer. They make cheap usable products for the budgeting musician.


150W at 4 ohms
Two discreet channels
2 separate 3-band active EQs with parametric midrange on channel 2
Normal Channel w/Switchable Overdrive
Hot Channel w/Switchable Boost
Gain and Volume Controls Each Channel
Reverb and Resonance
Channel, Reverb, Overdrive and Boost Footswitch Jacks
Accessory Compartment
LED Indicators for Channel, Reverb, Overdrive, and Boost
Effect Loop


This is a solid state amp that has no tubes inside. The tone of this is going to sound squashed and processed but some people like the sound of that. You will hear some very extreme gain tones and a decent crunch tones. Most f the amp is built around the extreme gain side of guitar distortion. The distortion has a thick meaty voicing but not really my style. You can get the thing to squash and compress very easily but that doesn't always work in a band setting.

The amp is a two channel amp that sits on 150 watts of power. That is a tone of power for a solid state amp. The tone is not going to be a pushed tone and tube punchy but rather just a tone of preamp distortion. This is not going to have that airy rock power tube breakup but just an overly process preamp loads of gain thing. Again, some people like the sound of that and some do not.


At new these amps come in right at around $250, which is a great price for an amp of any kind. That is just about double what the price of their pedals come in around. So the price of this is an easy buy for most people. Not my kind of sound as I like a good tube punch in the face and using the power section with the preamp section for some good clean gain.

pelly's review (Ibanez - TBX150R)

By pelly, 12/06/2007
Everything has been said in previous post (Koalapower)

cited the lack of connectivity not personally bother me ..
There is also the issue of weight and size ... at the beginning I found it heavy but it is with any other amp 2X12 '(Crate, Fender ...). in, well, this is one of only 150 watts to the template ..

So for these 10 watt capabilities and yet above all, more than ergonomics satifaisante ..


Not need the manual I think ...

gives its sound a little fiddling but ca is very fast .. equalizer for the distortion is perfect. (thanks to the middle .. 2-dimensional volume-frequency).
EDIT: I had a multi-purpose (Zoom G7.1ut) and I think he has trouble with his point of view ca .. rendering is not great even after changing my spreset depending on the amp .. It asks me no prob because I no longer use effects (apart from the distortion). I actually sold the photo but I think it is better to know ..
Ps: Koalapower ME50 uses (for the delay and whawha) and has no problem there ...


The gain knob on the Clean level gives a beautiful color to Clean ... very bright if gain in the middle and round and warm so thoroughly.

The distortion is merveuille and any style (especially metal). The top of the disto is his equalizer. Indeed, you have the high treble and also a configurable middle. You have a choice (for middle) to adjust the volume but also the range of middle frénquence. It offers a range of its really nice and versatile.
Otherwise, no breath at high volume (or very little but less than those tested before ..)

As for the reverb, it's true that it lacks a bit of presence but I do not use it I put 10.


After trying a variety of amp, I can say that I found the amp perfect for me.

price / weight / size / power / sound .... Everything is there. Now, some prefer the lights, ect ... Here is each his own ... and budget ..

If I exchange against a tube amp, I agree ... to resell the tube amp, buy the TBX150 me and offer me a restaurant with the benefits ... ;-)

koalapower's review (Ibanez - TBX150R)

By koalapower, 10/03/2007
- What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)?

- What is the power dlivre?
150w 4ohms

-What connections?
Jack in between ..
Jack output for speakers (utiliss by the bowls inside the amp)
Two outputs for the footswitch 4WAY
Effects loop ..

We regret the absence of a line between, a line-out .. the connctique is a little summary for an amp of this price.

- What are the rglages the effects? ...
2 channel spars. (Clean and hot)
Diffrent a reverb for each channel,
"X mode" very practical for metals.
First single channel: Gain, Bass, mid, treble, and volume level (for reverb).
Second channel: gain, bass, mid (parametric frequency + volume), treble, volume, and level (for reverb).
Note the HUE prsence of a button, to grate the Tone (most of draft to lighter) that act on each channel .. function trs INTERESTED!
I use the footswitch 4WAY sold spare, trs useful!
In conclusion:
Many rglages possible, but few connectors .. July 1 so


- The configuration is it simple?
Yes, because just turn the knobs to change the sound, no bank or indeed anything, it was here that an amp's own sound.

- Gets it easy to sound good?
Quazi direct sound clean. The distortion takes a little longer ..
a small BMOL: the sound down to clean when using the overdrive of the first channel (no problem on the second channel)

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Just like the amp: simple!

8 / 10, shame about the overdrive


- Is it your style of music?
I play a little bit of everything tend metal! and yes, a me.
The sounds can be very clear foil, trs beautiful.
The overdrive is nice trs for blues, rock and small, nice grain. Maybe a little unease between the hammer on notes, but a trs good sustain.
If not for the metal, this amp is a rgal! For the transistor, a beam drlement!
The reverb is nice, if somewhat plastic. She slams a little bit.
The qualisation trs is effective!
Basically this amp is versatile, but if you find an amp for metal, it is all good!

- With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
I play with an Ibanez rg370 bk lh, cort m200 and
Level because I have my BOSS ME50 DeSUS religious (I do is that the delay and whammy)
and if I use the effects of the amp, so I bought the footswitch.

- What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?
That says it all a little higher. But I believe that "crystalline" and "fat" are valid for two baths this amp, the knob "hue" has much to do!.

- What are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest?
I love them all, but I'm a big fan of "X Mode" on channel HOT, if you like all that is heavy ..

8 / 10 because of the reverb, not quite convincing my taste.


- How long have you use it?

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Its price, its mouth (it is very class), its power, its sound.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Yes, the little big-transistor 15w 100w lamp.

- How do you report qualitprix?
Exelente, we can not really expect more for that price in the transistor .. (333 on thomann)

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
Eyes closed!

After, this opinion is quite Personal and relative.
you put the 150w has a mesa transistor side, the recess is palle distortion figure.
Everything is RELAF recess, but 333 is really (my opinion) the best choice.
Here is said.

9 / 10!

Meh not great but decent for the money (Ibanez - TBX150H )

By iamqman, 29/10/2011
Ibanez is really known for their tube screamer petals and they're very inexpensive and versatile guitars. They're not quite as known for the amplifiers but they do make some very inexpensive amplifiers for the money. This amplifier is known as the tone blaster extreme guitar amplifier head. They're rated at 150 W and they have two separate channels. Had basically no more clean channel and then you have a hot ride high gain metal type channel.


150W at 4 ohms
Two discreet channels
2 separate 3-band active EQs with parametric midrange on channel 2
Normal Channel w/Switchable Overdrive
Hot Channel w/Switchable Boost
Gain and Volume Controls Each Channel
Reverb and Resonance
Channel, Reverb, Overdrive and Boost Footswitch Jacks
Accessory Compartment
LED Indicators for Channel, Reverb, Overdrive, and Boost
Effect Loop


This guitar amplifier can get some decent tones for the price but it's not to be any type of their musical amplifier that you get from a Fender or Marshall amplifier. You have the basic EQ section of game, bass, middle, trouble, volume, and reverb for the clean channel. On the high gain channel you have those EQ sections as well as a push poll type of separated control in the middle position that give you a hotter level control. You also have a couple buttons to click for even more game such as the X mode. One thing I don't like about this guitar amplifiers yet to send in return effects levels on the front panel the amplifier. I never like this on any amplifier and I know the PBS done this in the past. It seems to clutter up things in the front a lot more.


At new you can find these amplifiers for right around $250 which is a great price for someone starting out in the electric guitar. You can't find a lot these days right around this price you can get 150 W high gain amplifier that is great for anyone learning how to play the electric guitar and needs multiple channels. It's not a boutique amplifier and certainly not a very well-built guitar amplifier but it will get you the tones you need any very inexpensive costs.