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TS9 in a head (Ibanez - TSA15H Head)

By iamqman, 11/08/2011
The first thing I think of when I think of Ibanez music company is there TS9 tube screamer pedal. This is one of the highly used distortion pedals on the market today. This pedal has been one of the most frequented pedals for touring musicians and recording musicians. Ibanez also builds very good and low priced guitars. This is one of the first amplifiers that I've seen from Ibanez.

This is a 15 W guitar amplifier that has a good tube screamer sound within it. This amp features two 6v6 power tubes and 2 12ax7 preamp tubes. This has a genuine tube screamer circuit built in that the front end of this amplifier. The controls consist of tube screamer overdrive tone level as well as the normal EQ control knobs such as travel base and volume. This is missing the middle controlled on but it doesn't really need it. Your side to switch to switch it from the 15 W of power all the way down to 5 W of power for a better handle on your volume issues. This allows you to play with the higher crunch tone at eight more silent playing level.



15W All-tube head
2 x 12AX7 tubes (Pre)
2 x 6V6 tubes (Power)
Genuine Tube Screamer circuit built into the front end
Controls: Tube Screamer—Overdrive, Tone, Level; Amp—Treble, Bass, Volume
Modes: Pentode—15W; Triode—5W


If you like the tone of a Ibanez tube screamer and you'll like the sound of this camp. If you want more a high gain amplifier this is not good to be the amplifier for you. This is going to be the nice clean distortion the fine for me TS9 pedal. The tone is exactly like a tube screamer so if that is your thing and this might be the camp for you. This amp works very well in conjunction with its matching 12 speaker cabinet. You can plug this amp into any other speaker cabinet with ease. I suggest a good British speaker to connect with this amp. Celestion speakers would be the speaker of choice when it comes to dialing in the perfect time for this amplifier.


This is an amp that is very budget friendly. You can find them for the new price of $299. As that is an exceptional price for an amplifier that sounds this good. I would recommend this amp to anyone who is absolutely stoked with the sound of a TS9 pedal and wants a tube version of that. This is a tube version of the tube screamer and is is a cool little amp.

Good head (Ibanez - TSA30 Combo)

By pajao, 21/08/2014
It is a head tube, two 12AX7, 2x 6L6
very good connectivity, an FX loop, diferrent output for HP
30W power tube, so its pretty sends, perfect for club and repet.
The controls are a 3Bandes EQ, a gain for the guitar, a general volume, type overdrive with gain, tone and volume


super simple config, very easy to adjust, turn the knobs and playing
Which manual ??


funk, blues rock, sends her a lot, I play with a telecaster and strat, its crunch not bad.
I immediately change the 6L6 power tubes and preamp, so it sounds dramatically better than the origins tubes, which are not bad, but could do better.
For sounds, ranging from light its very clean, big crunch, I used a lot of auxiliary effect, very rarely integrated TS9 which is not great.


I use it for over a year now d1 before j;'ve been TSA15, which was great, sounded very good (with good tube too) but the power was a bit limited, so I opt for the 30W .
It's a good amp, has ep [oque or it was released, it was one of the single tube in this power range, and in this buget to have an effects loop, so I selected this model.
Today many other brands have put into this niche, small power, tube and well equipped.
If I were to change, I first try other models + current.

Overall it's a good amp, it sounds, for the price is good.

zikman57's review (Ibanez - TSA15H Head)

By zikman57, 18/09/2014
Small head amp delivering 15W Lamps
Tube Screamer circuit,
2x 12AX7 vacuum tube (preamp), 2 lamps 6V6 (power)
2 Modes: 5 or 15W
Bouble effect
No reverb
No headphone jack
Connectors for several types of cabinets


Manuel irrelevant to us another scratch
The sound is excellent result


Pop Rock Blues at home ca does
Use both with my Fender, PRS or IBANEZ


More than 6 months I have
Try, buy, and sold the other amp
I like his size, versatility, and price
Assuredly I do it again this choice

Clone of Fender Blues Jr? (Ibanez - TSA15H Head)

By Dca lp, 18/10/2014
Head compact amp delivers 15w, can be reduced to 5w, all lamps.
- 2x6v6gt power
- Preamp 2x12ax7
- Output hp 4, 8, 16 ohms doubled
- Two channels: clear and Tubescreamer + boost
- Effects loop
- Two bands EQ (bass and treble)


This amp is relatively easy to get it right.
We quickly found the sound you want, despite reduced to low and treble EQ.
More demanding as I can put an equalizer in the loop (one Mxr 6 band enough for me).
Opportunity to engage the boost in clean channel as Tubescreamer, by hand or via a footswitch. The manual is clear and concise.


So this is where this amp stand out: at that price it's rare to find something that sounds good, so believable. Yet this amp exception to the rule, it sounds very round, "hot" and very heavy bass if you adjoignez him a decent cab. I could compare it to the Fender Blues Junior and I find that it looks great. If you play in a blues record, rock, this head will be very comfortable. Turning to more muscular records, do not worry if you have the proper pedals, because this amp accepts fine; everything goes my pedalboard passes and it's pretty provided (loop: Mxr Eq 6bandes, boss rc3, Vox Time Machine, mad professor silver spring reverb, boss ce3 / front: whammy IV, Zakk Wylde Wha, premium Mxr distortion, Ibanez TS9, Zvex box of rock, Blackstar HT-Dist, MI audio blues pro) on a 4x12 Engl.
Ts is the channel of the vein as a TS808 TS9, it is very successful and sounds like the pedal or almost. In short, this amp sound level overwhelms me.
Played with various guitars, equipped with single, double, assets and mini humbucker pickups.


This amp is really excellent, both for its versatility as its price / quality ratio.
I have other amps (TubeMeister 18, class 5, Orange Jim Root Terror) and this is clearly one in which I play the most, so it's no coincidence!
Suitable for beginners as well as insiders, it does not have to blush before other more expensive amps.
Here is my opinion on the amp sold as is, as standard.
I wanted to slightly modify its characteristics by changing the lamps in favor of two JJ 6V6s power and two JJ ECC83s in preamp.
The sound is more open, better defined. Through this inexpensive upgrade (€ 60 at most), the potential of this amp is even more.

News Ibanez TSA

[NAMM] Ibanez Tube Screamer TSA5TVR Guitar Combo

Published on 01/26/14
Ibanez introduces at NAMM 2014 a new 5W guitar combo amp from its Tube Screamer range.