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IK Multimedia iRig

IK Multimedia iRig Mic Studio XLR

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IK Multimedia iRig HD Review

iGain After Apogee, now it's IK Multimedia's turn to present an audio interface for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Mac aimed at nomad guitarists. read more…

IK Multimedia iRig Pro Review

IK Rigs It Again Decisively relentless, IK Multimedia completes its iOS interface series with the iRig Pro. Pro? Three letters that imply that what we have in our hands is an iOS interface capable of managing a microphone, a guitar or a line level signal, while also featuring a MIDI input... The perfect interface? read more…

User reviews on IK Multimedia iRig products

Interesting but not that great sounding (IK Multimedia - iRig)

By Hatsubai, 19/06/2011
Given the popularity of the Apple touch products, it was only a matter of time when somebody decided to create some sort of software amps simulator for it. IK Multimedia has developed the AmpliTube iRig in an attempt to create some sort of rival to the "pocket" amp sims out there. While their intentions were good, their execution was a tad poor. First of all, this requires a special cable to work with the guitar. You can't just plug in any adapter and expect it to work. Once you plug everything in, it works decently. There are some real inherent problems, number one being that the built-in speaker on the touch devices suck. One solution to that would be to use some sort of external monitors, but that'll defeat the entire purpose of having a "pocket" amp simulator.

The good thing about this product is that there are very few crashes. I did experience one, but I just reloaded the program, and I was back to where I left off, really. It's easy to install, easy to set up and easy to maneuver around. It doesn't seem to suck the battery life any more than other applications out there for these devices, so there shouldn't be any huge issues there. One thing I'm curious about is if somebody calls you. I never had anybody call me when I was using it with my iPhone, but I wonder if the application would close, still work or what.

Despite me giving the other parameters some high marks, the product really isn't that great. For one, you need the special cable to use it. Also, the built-in speakers on the Apple devices are pretty poor. You could add some sort of external monitors, but it defeats the entire purpose of this device, in my opinion. It might be work checking out, but I think there are better options out there for this kind of thing.

Nice (IK Multimedia - iRig Mic Cast)

By mrjason, 07/02/2013
I was actually awarded this iRig Mic Cast after winning a remix competition locally. It is a portable electrets condenser microphone for iphones, ipads, and ipods. It connects right to the standard mini jack input on the devices and works with iRig recorder App (comes with this app).

Setting this microphone up is not hard at all, all you have to do is just plug it in and run the app. The app is free and this microphone only cost 40 bucks so there really isn’t anything to lose but the best part about it is that you will have a condenser microphone and the ability to record with you everywhere! We all take our phones with use ever where we go and it is just as easy to take this little microphone along for the ride to incase we get a song idea on the go. I love to use it to hum melodies into while I am driving so I do not forget them later. It has allowed me to get rid of my regular digital recorder that I was using for years.
When you get the iRig Mic Cast, it comes with a desktop stand for your phone or iPod/iPad. So that you can record hands free without even having to hold the phone. This will make the recording quality a lot better too without the mic moving around.
Getting out your recordings (out of the app) is kind of easy for me because I choose to just email them to myself. I think there is now a save to phone option right from the app but the app is not very good because it is very simple. There are not a lot of options to work with. However, there are some really good paid apps that are similar to the iRig Recorder app that will allow you to take it a lot further.

Go your way (IK Multimedia - iRig MIDI)

By seudop, 09/11/2014
Used daily for 3 months.

No other competitor product tested.

In practice the principle to save the evening.

In practice, a horror to transfer files (really, a constant in ios)

During a backup computer, you can transfer a midi file at a time, or at 30 noon on day files, knowing to press three buttons at each transfer, and wait for the transfer to start the next. If I look, that's 90 buttons to press a day, not including waiting time. It's almost as long as the songs play, even writing scores by hand.
Stupidity in all its splendor.

Go your way, especially that there is competition in the sector.

So so (IK Multimedia - iRig Acoustic)

By bidouille2004, 24/02/2016
I installed this irig acoustic on my washburn LakeSide Jumbo. Monotiring through Sennheiser HD202 headphones.

-first plugged it on an ipad with the amplitube acoustic amp. Sounds not bad, the app’s sound settings are rather versatile. Not bad, but this is it.
-I tried it with amplitude acoustic, audiobus and loopy HD and its weaknesses started to show. The pickup seems excessively sensible treblewise and makes headphone monitoring necessary. After 6 loops in Loopy HD, the background noise is quite loud.

Then, I plugged it directly on an imac’s minijack then straight into Garageband with acoustic guitar EQ settings (bright, natural…). A real, total mess. The pickup doesn’t take low frequencies at all and is very sensitive to highs and mids. As a result you get a tinbox sound, like playing on a dobro with a loud background noise. Avoid breathing and sliding your fingers on the strings, all these sounds would be amplified.

I intend to try the following: Irig acoustic on Ipad, using the amplitube acoustic app then from the irig acoustic’s out to my presonus interface’s in to see what it does. If it doesn’t sound good either, I think this pickup will stay in its bag for just mobile use with an iphone or ipad, or perhaps I’ll sell it.

As for the video comparing it with a professional pickup that can be seen on IK Multimedia’s website, I believe the sound was post processed, or my Irig acoustic doesn’t work properly. I’m really disappointed...

News IK Multimedia iRig

iRig products to unlock Cubasis LE features

Published on 05/24/16
Owners of IK Multimedia’s iRig digital interfaces, mics & MIDI controllers can now unlock features inside of Cubasis LE for iPad.

IK Multimedia presentd iRig Acoustic

Published on 11/12/15

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