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IK Multimedia Amplitube

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IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 Review

Amplitube to the Power of  Three IK Multimedia was one of the pioneers in guitar amp simulation software with their famous Amplitube launched in 2002. The Italian company comes back eight years later with the third version of their flagship product. And what's new you ask? read more…

User reviews on IK Multimedia Amplitube products

good value over 160 classic amps (IK Multimedia - Amplitube 3)

By mrjason, 27/12/2012
The IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 is very easy to set up, it does not require a lot of disk space and it does not take up much CPU while using it. I use it as a VST plug in with Pro Tools 9 on my PC. But you can also use it on a Mac just as easy because I also use it on my MacBook from time to time when working on certain projects.


Amplitube 3 gives you some really good stomp box effects and amps. It is fully MIDI map-able and has some really classic amp types. There are over 160 different amp models built into this software and most of them are really good and worth a lot more than the price of these software. I use some of these amps more frequently than any other VST amp. The sounds that you can achieve using any of the amps are really good and warm. There are just enough effects to keep me on my toes but I do wish that it had some more effects because the main ones that come with it are pretty simple and basic and will require a lot of tweaking to get the sound that I want.


The compression and the limiter are also very good and I use them a lot. I was not a fan of the distortion because I felt that it could have been better. Some of it is just too distorted and unusable.
You can use the Amplitube 3 as a standalone or as a VST. I have not tried it as a standalone but I have heard that it is just as stable as when used as a VST. You can use this plug-in with just about any DAW that you want it and should work fine. For the price, there are not too many other plug-ins that can compete with all of the functions and features of Amplitube 3.

Build a custom amp (IK Multimedia - Amplitube LE)

By stompboxjon, 13/02/2013
Amplitube LE comes with 14 different pre amps and 14 different EQ types. There are 6 really good microphone models that I loved in this plug in too! Amplitube LE has been out for a while now but I have only been using it or about a year now. I use it all of the time and it has never caused any issues or crash on me in either of my systems (PC or Mac). My Macbook has 512 MB of RAM and running OSX 10.6 and it runs fine but I do not think that you have to be running 10.6 to use it. On my Windows machine I am running XP with 256 MB of RAM and there are no issues there either. You can run Amplitube LE as a VST or RTAS for Pro Tools applications.


Installing Amplitube LE was simple, it took no effort at all and the manual that comes with it explains anything that the user could ever need to know. I love how many effects that I am able to get in this plug in, I mainly use it in Pro Tools just to put the final touches and effects on guitar tracks before doing the masters. There are a total of 21 stomp effects and I love every one of them, also I really like the 11 rack effects to.


The sounds that I am able to create with Amplitube LE are top notch, I have used just about any guitar plug ins imaginable and most of them are good but Amplitube outshines all of the them and it is very affordable as well. Some of the models that it is based off of are Marshall, mesa Boogie, Supro, Vox and Fender (plus more). Using this plug in, I can build my own custom amp any way that I want it. There are thousands upon thousands of different combinations that you can use and I have not even scratched the surface with them yet as I am just starting to fully dig deep into Amplitube LE. There are upgrades for it out now since it is an older version but for now I have no reason to upgrade it on my computer.

JoeW1's review (IK Multimedia - AmpliTube)

By JoeW1, 25/03/2013
Amplitube made by IK Multimedia is compatible with Windows Xp , Vista , 7 or MAC.

The manual that is included with the software is quite detailed , enough to get more than a basic understanding of the program.
The setup doesn't require a lot of time or effort , it's very fast and easy to set.


The software works great in its configuration.

The software is stable , level of stability is huge , very well settled product from IK Multimedia as you would expect.

I'm getting great performances creating my own sounds with this amp.


This product has 5 separate modules: Tuner, Stomp effects Pedal board, Amp Head, Cabinet and mic.
I really like the 160 included gear models , 51 effects , 31 Amp models , 46 Cabinet emulation , 15 Studio Microphone models and a lot of cool features.

The depth of the emulation and the quality is stunning , and combining with the effects you get a result that is as close it can get to a real guitar.

I also like the Drag & Drop which is very useful and doesn't take a lot of time.

My opinion about the value for the price is amazing , you can get this product for about 200$ , but getting such a musical tool for this amount of money is great.

Precision and quality of the sound is without a doubt probably the best it can get , not a single amp gives such a richness to the sound , such a power , depth and timbre.

I've tried several models , Amplitube and Guitar Rig are top ones for me , I pretty much put them on the same level.

Knowing what I know, I would get this product again , really love how simple is , how cheap it is and how great it is.

An interesting evolution from the previous version, but with a real latency problem (IK Multimedia - Amplitube 4)

By tarz200tdi, 31/03/2016
To begin with, my review only intends to be an average user's review - I'm not a geek or anything, my computer is quite correct but ages slowly.

My config: POD HD300 with all contents deactivated (amps, fx, cabs) used as a soundcard, to an iMac i5 from late 2011 with 8GB of RAM.

The first overall constatation is very positive, espacially compared with Amplitube 3 which never managed to convince me to let my POD HD down (into Garage Band), which sounds were quite better (cleaner, more realistic, more dynamics, in a word more of a real mic'ed amp than a digital bee-like tone). With version 4, it's way easier to get a "real sound", which can entirely be set up as you like (amp, fx, cab, speaker, mics and so on), plus with a real interaction between all elements. Grain-wise, I finally feel a real pleasure playing on computer-based models (with lows that hold up, musical hi-mids and dynamics at both your right hands and volume knob). My POD only (temporarily?) owes me keeping it to its role as a soundcard.

Yet, I have a real latency problem. This already was a problem with Amplitube 3, but reversely. Here's the problem:
> in standalone mode, Amplitube 3 worked very well, but using it as an AU plugin in Garage Band was just horrible
> with Amplitube 4, it's just the other way around: standalone mode offers a horrible latency (with the buffer set at 512), but everything goes well in GarageBand after faking I intended to record, unless I try to create a new, quite complex preset, then latency goes nuts again. No problem, you record again, start a new countout, stop and it works!

I want to make it clear that this latency problem occurs while CPU and RAM uses are still very, very low.

Finally, after detailing these problems which may owe as much to my equipment and rather modest qualities as a user as to the software itself, it's a coherent product for training and home recording.

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