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User Review

Great headphones, but a few surprises. - Reviews Pioneer DJE-1500

Super happy with my purchase. A little scary jack for connecting cable (to do with time).

Use with an mp3 player "nomadic" and DJ use.


One of the things that made me choose these headphones. The cable is advertised as being wrapped in a sheath of tissue. This is indeed the case, but not over the entire length. The jack to the "Y" where the cable splits to go to each listener, it is the fabric. Between the "Y" and the headphones, it's plastic texture "slip" and just before the headphones, Pioneer has added about 10cm cable shape memory in order to place it above the ears.

The cable is super flexible and it is rather nice. The fabric helps a lot not too tangled cable, and if it is still the case that unravels easily. Regarding the part shape memory, it does not look perfect: the cable does not take great shape so that the maintenance over the ear is not perfect, but at the same time, it facilitates switching between the two modes of use of headphones ("cable over the ear" and "classic").

Note that the cable is longer than a traditional "headphones for MP3 player." Pioneer has clearly thought here rather use DJ, to plates, where a slightly longer cable is really necessary.


Manufactured in plastic that looks sturdy enough.
Function "change mode" seems to be a gimmick more than anything else: only the outer part of which is the "Pioneer" logo turns ... It helps keep the logo in the right direction regardless how the headphones are worn. Maybe it also improves slightly held in the ear (the form is "wedge" in a hollow of the ear), but I'm not 100% convinced. For me it is simple: do not buy these headphones if mode change is the only reason you towards this model ...

It looks very solid. The headset comes with an adapter to 6.35 jack that screws to stay in place and do not come off unintentionally.
Part of "transition" between the plug and the cable (the one that gradually relaxed), seems to me against poorly designed. It is in my opinion a little too stiff, and I'm afraid that because of this, the cable is quickly abyss at the junction with the socket. A view over time.

Is necessarily subjective.
For electronic music, it's great! At the same time, because these headphones Pioneer sells a product as "DJ", one could expect. The bass is very present but clean. The rest of the spectrum is also well reproduced.
For the rest, it is also, even if it is clearly not in the presence of a headphone super neutral monitoring.
The advantage of the good bass presence, is that even in a noisy environment (public transport ...) where it was often difficult to hear these frequencies without mounting her is that here we hear well all the time.