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User guide

Site Structure:  Brands, Categories, & Products (aka Gear)

AudioFanzine's site is build around a database engine containing more than 100,000 listed products (audio gear, software, musical instruments, lighting, etc.) each attached to a Brand (e.g. Fender) and classified by Category (e.g. Electric Guitars). 
Example : The product Cubase 5 is classified under the category of General Sequencers and appears under the brand Steinberg.

Content & Services Overview

So as we noted, 3 strong entities structure our site: the brand, the category, and the product.  And it is around these entities that content is organizied and attached which can all be accessed via the following icon bar:

icon bar
Please see below details concerning each icon and the content/service that is accessible when you click on this icon:
Access to all news items as published and edited by our team.
Where you can find all media files such as videos, photos, sound files and others- uploaded by the editorial team, users or manufacturers.
Access to all our feature articles which can be deep gear reviews, instructional articles, interviews or educational pieces.
Tutorials represent short, step by step, screenshot articles designed to guide you through a specific process.
Practical tips as written by our users regarding specific gear.
User reviews as written by Audiofanzine members.  Check out the strong and weak points of your current gear and software or that which you intend to purchase. 
Classified ads section.  Here you can sell & buy gear, look for jobs, band members or offer private lessons.
Audiofanzine community and forums.

Access to Content or Services

The icons bar we have just detailed above is contextual, meaning that it gives access the contents of a specific item in the course of visualization. It may seem confusing and complicated, so allow us to illustrate it in this example:
The same applies to all the icons on all items:

Find a Product, a Category or a Brand

There are several ways to find information on the Audiofanzine site:
  1. The simplest way is to use the built in search engine.  On the top, right hand corner you will find our fixed black Search bar field for your convenience.   Here, simply, enter the search parameter and press enter to launch our search and view the results.
  2. Black Menu Bar or the Thematic Pages:  If you look on the homepage you will see a big black menu bar with tabs pertaining to categories such as Computer Music, Guitar & Bass etc.  Simply press on the category to filter all Audiofanzine content to display just the information and content pertaining to this category.  We have also organized our site by these themes or universes to cater to those users who are just interested in Guitar, for example.
  3. Blue Menu Bar:  Simply navigate through the tree structure of our database to find the info you are looking for.  You can see the 'breadcrumbs' or path to help you see where you are and where you can go.