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Audiofanzine on your site

Do you have a web site ? Would you like to enhance it with daily audio and music news ? We suggest you install our free and user-friendly script which allows you to include our news on your site ! There are a few options for that.

The Easiest Way

All you have to do is copy the following code onto the HTML pages of your site, and it's done !

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Method for webmasters (PHP, ASP, Java)

This method is even more efficient since you insert the news on the server side of your site and not the client side. This way your are sure of total compatibility , even with older generation browsers.

This solution is less complicated than it looks, since all you need is to insert some php code in the page of your site, there where you want to show the news. What's more, this solution lets you personalize the news display.

For information, You have access to a file to parse here :

All you need to do is make or get a small function that uses the news. Here below is an example PHP :


Source Code Demo :

echo AF_News();

function AF_News ($iDisplayed = 10, $sTarget = "_blank")
// Copyright :
// $iDisplayed : Nombre de news affichées (Max / Default 10)
// $sTarget : cible de l'affichage des news :
// _blank : dans une nouvelle fenêtre,
// _top : dans la même fenêtre

if($iDisplayed >= 10){$iDisplayed = 10;}

$sUrl = "";
$sFile = file_get_contents($sUrl);

$aLines = explode(" ", $sFile);

$sHtml = "";
for ($i = 0; $i <  $iDisplayed; $i++)
$sHtml .= str_replace("a href", "a target=" . $sTarget . " href", $aLines[$i]);

return $sHtml;

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RSS Feeds

If you prefer RSS Feeds, here are the links :