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Sometimes rendered nonexistent audio or too explosive, but good - Reviews ESI Juli@

Multi PC


Rendering audio rather enjoyed. Sincerely.
Usage: large gaps that make this whimsical card.
1/44100 to the lower frequencies are returned by, digitally record, I might add. Unpleasant to have total silence. I tried to use plugins on the native audio converters (before injection into the card)> without success.
To the point that if you are not using frequencies above 44, not be limited to analog, which is also very good, satisfactory. The analog that is less difficult.
2 / As serious, explosions that can attack the speakers. Misinterpretation of saturated signals cause actual explosions unrelated to the original sound. Mainly on the bass. Fortunately, the highs are spared, then explode or are not noticeable. It can not be said for the treatment of certain serious.
It manifests its refusal. That's incredible. But saturation is eloquent and not appreciated by the audio system behind.
As I said before: it can be either the total silence (digitally on some types) or else analogue, creating powerful explosions and artifacts on certain bass frequencies. It is hard to imagine a card that does not accept her.
This interpretation of its by explosions (invented by the card) st complete silence (according to conditions), there is something to ask about the initial development of this map. SHIFT certainly can not satisfy both of failure in design.
I tested these misinterpreted several other sound cards (and amps) before. > Can not find the explosives artifacts other than on this card, even saturating completely and in their entrenchment other sound cards. One does begin to wonder where these bangs, never heard elsewhere come.
Even at 86 dB, these bangs exist. No hope of reaching a mere 89 dB traditional, tear and abuse inflicted by this card will be tearing your eardrums if the sound is not calibrated and extremely clean, certainly very far from saturated low we can meet occasionally. This is the same principle of bass, sometimes be full. With her is NADA! She only wants the very clean. Therefore obliged to wash its dirty, or else expect to receive the slaps sound of this nice card.
The concern is: if it produces excellent dynamics, this dynamic is also reflected in its low saturations and creations of noise, explosions, artifacts, refused.
And the dynamics of a low "refused" remains a sentence and flogging at the hearing. We hesitate to give him a sound that is not highly calibrated in its jurisdiction, for fear of receiving a Big Bang in return, complaints from neighbors because she knows both speak in the right sound, that in our pain.
Given the limitations of this card, heartbreak or exaggerated deformations of crêt sometimes it is our user to know the card to be too much trouble with it, lest it to return its limits in full face. Software or bypass filter or alternative treatment would be welcome to manage thresholds refuses to treat and return awkwardly in his improvisations.
Similar to the extinction of the PC: you get a "Bang" mind-blowing the entire neighborhood if you turn off the amp BEFORE. Never seen it elsewhere. One wonders what the developers may have in your head, never turn off their stuff. A well-traumatic card use and which requires us to be attentive to her, for fear she'll face it. I have for many years, I think to part with just to damn his character daily (quickly jump on the amp, before sunset, otherwise Bang), a map that will impose limits and conditions. It determines the user by his strict musical range of use, as much as by his demanding and sometimes bitter if one is not careful enough operation.
3 / poor integration in windows: the volume of the card remains independent of the main volume. But it's a detail. There is no integration itself.


There are two distinct elements:
- Windows
- And the map
We can not talk about integration but forced cohabitation, regardless SHIFT


Otherwise: very satisfied, if there was clearly a lack in software development, and channel sound processing (ouch, that's a lot). These points should be treated. I find it dangerous and demanding.
As part of the box, it is still very good, very much appreciated.
But, versatility, it's not his thing.
Limited use, it does excellently. In my opinion, it should only be used with an instrument. This exclusive side is regrettable.
This card is old (I have 4 years), it is likely that this dinosaur has undergone changes and improvements, just by the echo that can make users. It is hoped. In this area, we can not remain deaf.