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How do I hook my up Audiophile 192? - forum M-Audio Delta Audiophile 192

Well i've had this soundcard for the longest time but it hasn't been working at all! when I change the soundcard to the 192, no sound comes out at all, so i'm stuck with the integrated sound card until I find a solution for this problem.

I'm also using Windows XP 64 bit.

I've tried using the sound card with cheap speakers, AKG 240'S, & Sony VDR700DJ and can get no sound.

Does anyone know what the problem may be? Oh yeah and I have nothing connected to the hardware because I don't know what I need!

What am I suppose to plug into the orange slots? What other hardware do I need? Do I need a "Y Splitter"? I have no clue how to get this working! please help!

Well first thing i'd like to know is what is your integrated sound card hooked up to? i imagine you are getting sound with that. Is it hooked up to multimedia speakers? Or do you have more serious speakers?

Quote: What am I suppose to plug into the orange slots?

those are s/pdif in and outs which means they're digital in and outs. you probably won't be using them for the moment. you should be more interested in the red and white connecters.
Thanks for the reply. I have no idea what the sound card is hooked up to, but I am currently not using any speakers at the moment, only headphones. What exactly do you mean by what my sound card is hooked up to? I usually just plug my headphone/speaker into the green slot at the back.

I've also never owned any serious speakers, but I do plan on purchasing the Yamaha HS80M's.

Pardon my ignorance on this subject.
Ok, do you have and speakers? If you do, plug them into the red and white (analog audio i/o) connectors. Do you know how to configure your computer so that the audiophile will be the main soundcard? have you correctly installed the card, with the right drivers? Does our computer recognize the sound card?
I do not have any speakers at the moment, i'm not exactly sure if I know how to congire the audiophile as my soundcard, is it as easy as going to the volume options and and setting the mixer device to audiophile 192? also, when I do this it gives me these results:

M-Audiophile Delta AP192 1/2
M-Audiophile Delta AP192 S/PDIF

I hope i installed the card correctly...but I can't be 100% sure, Yes I think it recognizes the sound card, because I do have M Audio Delta Control Panel installed, although it's just a sitting duck and does nothing.

Just a question, will the sound card only work with good speakers? does it work with headphones?

Thanks for the reply.
It will work with headphones but... there seems to be no headphone out, so either you plug it into one of monitor outs( try the left one) and hear everything in mono, or buy some kind of Y adapter that will let you plug your headphones into the two monitor outs at the same time.

have you even tried plugging your headphones into the Monitor outs? Those are the outputs you should focus on.
I have not tried plugging the headphones into the monitors outs actually, i am going to try it now, not sure which red/white slot i'm suppose to plug it into but i'll see if i can get sound

Ok in the M Audio Delta Control Panel, There is life in the WavOut1/2, when I play music this mixer input is working, but I still hear no sound, hmm.

edit: ok the sound works now, thanks for the help guys.
What about the reverb problem? are you still getting it?
^ yes, i am, i think my sound is in mono also.
Well if you're only plugging into one of the monitor outs, your definitely getting it in mono?

Just run down to radio shack or whatever electronics store and get the Y adapter. Should cost just a couple of dollars.

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