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JB Systems

JB Systems
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Talk over function (Compact)

By JimboSpins, 07/10/2012
The JB Systems compact is a 3 audio channel mixer with a DJ mic input with the ability to control your levels and talk over the music. It has 2 stereo channels as well as a headphones level control. This unit cost me about 140 USD , and I purchased it from Europe in 2008. I used it all the way through 2009 before reselling it.


The back of the unit is where the inputs are, Main AC adapter input, record output, master output, input channels and each input channel has two inputs for both channels, also a ground connection mainly for turntable connections. You can also purchase the JB systems compact LED Effects light to go with this mixer, it is perfect for a live setting or a show and it will show all the cool colors and light beams to your performance.


The talk over function was one of the reasons that I was attracted to this mixer, you can automatically mute the first 2 input channels with you start talking through the DJ microphone. This is the best feature of this mixer to me. The manual was easy to understand, I only read English and it came in a few different languages but the English section was there, so that helped a lot.


But overall, this mixer comes at a great price. With the talk over function at this price makes it a must have in my opinion. There are a lot of different mixers on the market and a lot of them have the talk over function. But those mixers will cost you more than 140 USD. I am not sure if you can purchase this in a store in the US that is why the only place that I found it was online from Europe. So you may have to purchase it there as well.

Best (bass) amp for the price (C2 800)

By Klaus Jürgens, 03/07/2017
I use this amp in a bi amp environment as bass amp 2x800/4Ohm. For upper mid/hi i use a lightweight switching power QSC PLX 1104 with 2x 550/4Ohm. X-Over is 2-way original from JB...
I most cases i have to take the bass amp volume back some 3-4 steps, so that the overall sound is clear and rich without needing a graphic equalizer in free space.
I do recording studio and PA since the 1980s and worked with nearly every amp on the market. I must admit that i did not know JB Systems before but i am totally satisfied many times in a year when i provide my own band, and Rock Bands around the Costa Blanca with good sound. I also have other lightweight amps like Carver, but for my feeling nothing affordable compares to a heavy Transformer conventional bass amp. So thats the price... you normally need a helping hand to move a biamp rack into the van if you dont wanna break your elderly back ;-) Klaus

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