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User Review

Disappointed - Reviews Gibson J-200 Standard

Made in the U.S. (Montana) in 1995

the quality is very good without being exceptional

it has a piezo-based system under the bridge whose output is in the tether strap


The handle is very nice but the varnish is not quite satin which makes it a little sticky when you sweat. Access to acute is not very easy but it is the form that does it.
The guitar is well balanced (the handle does not go forward).


The sound is disappointing:

projection is highly directional: the axis of the rosette sound is just okay but from the perspective of the player, the sound is much lower. This highly directional side makes recording the guitar very sensitive to the position of the microphone. Tested in comparison with a D28 1971, the day and night: the J200 has closed its opposite open the Martin sound.
For rhythm in the "who", however we recover the typical sound but the guitar requires attacking like crazy for the sound level that you would expect.
Brief for a guitar to the body as impressive, the sound is really disappointing


Bought a favorite

I should try it in a quieter shop

back to the store after a week because too disappointed