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Kawai Concert Artist

Kawai CA51

User reviews on Kawai Concert Artist products

benuno's review (Kawai - CA7)

By benuno, 21/03/2005
88 keys
96 note polyphony
60 Sons .. good piano samples .. Ditables reverb effects and the virtual technician
Connectors: 2 headphone jacks, line in, line out, MIDI (IN, OUT, THROUGH), USB
3 pedals, the pedals of touffoirs not just on / off!
2x60W amplifier


Mythical touch, I wanted something that was as close as possible to a real piano and APRS have the test mcanique AWA I could not take me rsigner else. Heavy (well a rest even when a piano numrique), however, do not rely on it for cramps forearm strength ranges (y 'keyboards studies with small weights in the keys to a). As for MIDI I know I use it as a piano.


Excellent piano sounds, you get a must with the effects of rope and rsonnance touffoirs adjustable too. Also you can edit the CHARACTERISTICS of sounds and the DIFFERENT tempra. As for other sounds There's good and not great, but I wanted a piano.


I've had about a month and I am a serious fan. I wanted a piano numrique because I have not the possibility of having a real piano in my apartment (too much noise and I'm a nag ...), and then test it is that APRS which it is closest to a true (I have not tried the right way too expensive CA9 cons). It is actually more expensive than other pianos numriques but the quality and (we did talk about that to me clavinova in toc). I love the piano sounds and keyboard wood. A few more default, too complicated to edit the sounds ... Finally, it is mostly English in the menus the problem, and I also criticized the lack of deep bass but I have not found a better home or yamaha or roland kurzweil .. It is a numrique .. but by far the best ...

Excellent piano with one exception ... (Kawai - CA13)

By FuturePiano, 20/04/2012
In my case I bought for "play the piano", so I was not looking for lots of functions. This is a piano that I highly recommend to beginners and experienced pianists who want a digital piano is as close as most of the acoustics. The keys are made of wood with synthetic ivory surface, touch is really perfect, the sound is very round, very clear "with one exception, see below).


Everything is perfect, the feel, the manual is clear and sufficient (complete), the configuration may seem a little complicated at first but you get used very fast!
Touch is really impressive! One would imagine almost on a real piano!


The main sound of the piano Grand Concert is correct. I could have put "perfect" but it is however a problem: at the G-sharp to B flat, the notes are slightly more powerful (and I mean slightly), and are heard fairly compared to others (especially when agreement), we must be very precise when you play those notes.


I use it for two weeks now, and I am fully satisfied! I was looking primarily a piano whose touch is neared to the more acoustic, and it's really this one I needed!
I tried to by before and got information on several models including the Yamaha CLP 430 (which I did not like was the plastic buttons, and the sound too much metal), the Roland HP 503 (I did not appreciate at all the touch), and the Kawai CN-33 (it was really good, only the keyboard HR I did not like too much and the keys were not wood).
In terms of price / quality ratio, I find this great piano! with experience, I think my next choice would be heading more towards the sound.

Only flat keyboard I repeat, this is the sound of B flat to G sharp, which is felt more than other grades, but this is just a detail not too serious (less is heard through headphones).

Very good piano, Kawai I recommend to all! And this piano ;)

Go there it's good. (Kawai - CA63)

By cyril_vergneau, 26/06/2013
Little advice on Kawai finally on this site, so I'm starting.


This is a digital piano but the keys mimic well the touch of a real piano. For those who used to play on acoustic pianos, so no surprise.
Essential to study functions are immediately accessible (metronome, rhythm, play along ...), no need to book.

If you want to have fun playing with more advanced options, it is less intuitive. You must read the manual carefully to dip ... Personally, I changed a lot of things at the beginning and after 6 months of intensive research, I came back to the default settings. Like what, it is not too bad set :)


There are many sounds available (harpsichord, organ, bass and so on) but I only use 2/3 acoustic piano sounds are very realistic.
In this range there sounds Roland and Yamaha are also realistic, but there's really any question of taste. I hesitated a lot with Roland for me was doing a little worse in the bass notes (and very weird mechanical vibration).

There are quite a few effects, but clearly you do not buy this kind of instrument for it.
I use reverb 'default on all sounds. This too is perfect.


I've had 3/4 years, and I'm not ready to change.

The +:
- Can be really feel to play on a real piano (and it does not bother the neighbors)
- If you want to make computer music, it connects easily via USB
- It is beautiful like a piano :)

- The furniture is heavy and impossible to move alone.
- The pedal cable did not support the second move, but hey it is changed (thank you warranty!)

Yes I would do this choice, and if I was in the future "move upmarket", it would certainly have a Kawai because I really cracked the sound and touch.

Very good (Kawai - CA65)

By gabian13, 23/10/2013
Tried in FRANCE PIANOS, I have to preferé CLP480 because touch great, but not worth qur for pianos, other sounds are worse


yes, feel the best market


very well


very well