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Kawai ES

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User reviews on Kawai ES products

Superniack's review (Kawai - ES7)

By Superniack, 12/02/2014
keyboard connectors 88 current notes.


for the scenes until the first steps of the beginner. the close piano.Pédale sustain toucherest provided, that is versatile and very easy to use keypad, the manual is clear, so effective ...


Amateur piano sounds, that should hold your attention for the other it's okay!

But beware touch with the dynamics of the game, makes it very expressive ....
I have had to really realize that I could not play the piano, boring to question, since two months I continued to progress but there is still a lot of work!


Great, easy to use, amazing sounds to digital with headphones on built-in speakers or amp ...

compact, 22 Kgrs, with a cover that is become my favorite companion ...

reliability kawai (Kawai - ES7)

By pinarello83, 05/04/2014
I just bought the 7 kawai are there 15 days and already a failure, the half of the last acute octave does not work, I am disappointed and I have serious doubts about the reliability of kawai, I would like to know if other musicians with the kawai ES7 had similar failures.


nice touch


very good sounds


I use it for fifteen days

Almost perfect (Kawai - ES100)

By laurent1407, 17/04/2014
Digital piano with 19 sounds with acoustic pianos 8
I only use the other piano sounds are correct
a hundred rhythms (I do not use either) to work correctly without

Great touch saw the price range.
Amplification too low for my taste (2x7W)
Audio output only headphone jacks (x2)
2 taken Midi socket for pedal

Editing is done "blind" without screen as older models is not very practical but once the settings made can recall easily with 4 possibilities of "registration".

The sounds are editable in part (reverb pedal touch resonance noise temperament)

We see pretty quickly that we are on the low end because everything is the bare minimum but what fun when you have to move to have only 15kg moving.


Touch is excellent, until now I was on a Roland FP7F, which admittedly has an extra touch. As surprising as it may seem I adapted very quickly and I do not regret this purchase.

Clear manual anyway this is not a gas plant. This is what research: a digital piano; not need as many other models of multi functions that are almost never used.

The catch: the amplification
I am delighted by its light weight against it is not without compensation:
the volume up really limited and we feel the small size of the speakers which sound a little boardy quickly. Blow as many other digital pianos there is a tendency to play too hard and it is a real handicap for beginners.
So I plugged amplified speakers on this piano and what a surprise to have a beautiful sound to digital. If you want, you can leave them turned on the speakers engaged despite the headphone jack, and all of a sudden the ES100 finally takes proper volume against the frame of the piano will vibrate and ruins everything fun, too bad .
The ideal is to connect to speakers or headphones to play.
Personally I let my speakers and I resets each time it routes the internal speakers to 1/3 of the volume I get a very nice sound. The ES100 does not store letting based HP when the headphone jack is BANCHEE. A light breeze appears when I put too much gain on my speakers.

At first I had some reservations, of course after a FP7F we are not in the same price. I adapted very quickly keys are less pleasant but the expression is to go. Finally I just found in a Kawai digital that makes beautiful shades! luxury.


Sound: funky
I personally do not like metallic sounds from me all these yamaha that break my ears, roland FP7F is fine but the sound annoyed me.
No matter how small the ES100 can finally enjoy playing Satie and Debussy with much more rounded sound. This is the first digital (after 6 other models) or I find as good a true musicality nuanced set (my speakers).
Home I opted for the Mellow very round, I did a concert for the moment with her and unfortunately it was too medium for amplification of the room I would try next time sound more shiny in public.


I think that digital will never be a digital even large models for trade shows trappings shall remain digital. I had to flush cap fortunes in these models Kawai and thank you for this little model fits me perfectly.

amplification too low
connections too limited (no usb) audio output only headphones
We feel that the price was so low counterparties quality materials.

value for money better than all the competition
receive excellent especially for shades
a sound that I think is great (this data is very personal)
Lightweight 15kg
The big advantage: its musicality

Superb for this price! (Kawai - ES100)

By ovb, 13/11/2014
88 notes, well finished, but not metal as Kurzweil


Simple Config if you get a checklist ...


Expression: we do what we want, as soon as I hit, except real piano ...

Sound: Very good overall, a little too much choice in pianos and synths lack one or two "lead"


Kurzweil tried (SP4-7 touch too soft) SP2X (sold heavy, but it was fine, equivalent to the ES100) and Korg SP250 much like the ES100.

The sound and touch are really good for a price <€ 750.
No screen, so no fear of failure on this point, but suddenly you have to know where we are ...

News Kawai ES

Kawai announces the ES8 digital piano

Published on 08/21/15
Kawai will launch in September the latest version of their ES series of digital pianos with the ES8.