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User Review

Berzin's review - Laney Session Keyboard

This amp is solid state, it displays a power of 120 watts. It has a reverb and an effect circuit, an input for CD or cassette player and an output. Note the presence of four inputs with separate setting. Each has a two-band equalizer (bass and treble) and a gain selector to adjust the volume. It is possible to cut the circuit and the reverb effect in each entry. Two of them have an input jack high and low impedance. There is also a master volume, reverb level and adjustment of the attack. The power goes through a 37-hp, 5 cm (15 inches) hidden by a canvas a bit light for my taste, but in twenty years, I've never torn. The overall construction is sturdy, but it is unfortunate that the start button is on the back.


There are few settings, the amp is easy to use. The sound is very correct, very low. One can nevertheless deplore the absence of a three-band equalizer that would refine the sound. Beware of the "boom" that is heard when starts.


I use it for twenty years. I am not a pianist, I use it as a versatile amp. It allows me to boost electric guitars (in the clear), or acoustic bass, sometimes a voice. For acoustic guitar, this kind of amp is a good compromise between the models specifically dedicated to audio, but sometimes expensive and electric amps that are not suitable at all. I will not comment on its qualities as a keyboard amp, but it is a good choice for a singer guitarist who wants to eventually connect a drum machine, or other instrument.