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User Review

funkyferier's review - Laney KB80

T all said just before.
However, a small BMOL because when you plug the headphones the sound always comes out on the hp.
Too bad when you want to play late at night without the neighbors embter ...
especially not of xlr !!!!( even if!)


The config is super simple and works well pramplis 3. We lose power of course when both inputs are used at the same time. RCA connectors to connect well with a plate when you invite a dj by repeating '.
As bass amp I use it as home to play and teach (and we are delighted to have entered the three laney). The sound is really not bad even for the so serious that much cash. I also used the guitar and keyboard and the sound is just as honorable.
used also as amply song and no complaints. (Except no XLR)
INTEGRATED reverb is a real plus and it always dpanne.


I love this amp because you can just plug it on and the sound is always l!!
APRS years of use I can say that laney is extremely robust and it works like the first day despite sjours extends into rooms CSPR 'situated in plutt damp cellars (of the good old RPTS 5 ...).
résumé for this amp cash at all (although the electro keyboards, guitar saturated, clear, well ...). 5-string bass sr not a bass or amp main guitar either but if you have all these instruments the laney linebacker offers an effective solution trs without breaking the bank with the certainty that he not let you down.
I could not really advise keyboardists true because even if a keyboard amp I have rarely used such time but the sound seemed fine.
I would do this choice again in a second even if only 20 watts of AC have more t cool.
this amp is to the ball.