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User Review

JeffTadashi's review - On-Stage KS7150

The KS7150 Keyboard Stand, by On-Stage stands, is a unique keyboard stand that has many appealing features. It is adjustable in height and in width, and is great for heavier and larger keyboards. What I really like about it, is how fine the height adjustment can be set. With my older x-style keyboard stand, it was either too high or too low, with no adjustment possible in the middle. That is not the case with the KS7150. However, this stand doesn't quite get low enough for playing while sitting on a bench; I would recommend this stand if you mainly using on a stage while standing.

Another great feature of this stand, is that it never loses its memory of any of the adjustments when it is transported. Simply fold it up, and fold it out when needed, and it will always be at the same height and width as was set. This makes it very easy to move my keyboard from one location to another, although the overall stand is a bit bulkier than a standard x-style stand. It does have plenty of holes in the frame, so it's easy to grip while opened or folded.

Another unique advantage of this style of stand, is that there is so much space for floor pedals and other devices beneath the keyboard. Without any supporting pieces in the middle section, you can fit a lot of equipment under the stand. However, the stand can get a bit wobbly if the legs are not set correctly, and even when they are, there is still some play and movement on the stand. For me, it is not significant or noticeable, but it certainly is not as super solid as a regular x-stand.

Overall, this a great, unique stand, if you find that the x-style stand is not working out for you.