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User Review

phenix!'s review - Lâg LE Key

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <ul> <span>What characteristics have motivated your choice?</span> </ul>
Ben is a portable keyboard is stylish to live, and in addition it is nice and pleasant to the touch (it is blue mine), it is less "synthetic" a Roland for example.
It shows that more Lag used to make guitars.
<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <ul> <span>What connector (MIDI pedals ...)?...</span> </ul>
Noon HF system, I can also connect a Yamaha breath controller also, I know even if it still exists ...

If not to overcome the problem of batteries (repeating or playing at home) I'm installing in the cavity which houses a battery connector (discrete) to host a trnsfo 6volts (this corresponds to the voltage of battery 4 to do so work)

Result: I reserve my batteries for Live, so no side j'me ruins there and I'm not the cabbage with rechargeable batteries!


<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <ul> <span>The touch keyboard is it fun? Should your use?</span> </ul>
It changes my keyboard from Yamaha P80, but not what is expected of ca lui.Mais is perfect for my utilisation.Il you just take the time to tame the particular playing position that is can be lost on the keyboard sometimes, but it is working.

After configuring the trick is not practical and space, there's a small screen and must juggle menus and boutons.En 2 small sum for the live is better to have set its presets and hope that there ' will not be a glitch with the sound module (a expendeur Triton rack for me).

But hey you can not complain there's more of a comparator today.

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>The manual is clear and sufficient? ...</span>
The manual is too short and lousy, he said not much ...
In addition, according to the manual functions of the machine were evolving through a kind of editing software that is available on their site and would also set up the machine ...
Well, that tile on their site it is as if this product had never existed ...

But again I can not complain ...


I've had about 3-4 months and I'm happy to have a keyboard-guitar, I was always tripper (all p'tit j'voyais when groups play in the 80 already). It is a dream come true.

Initially, I had gone to a Roland AX7 (j'savais Lag was not even keyboards)
and that's where I learned that the production of it (so the last keyboard of this kind) was arrêtée.J 've tried a model throughout France, without success.

This is where I came across this thing lying in the middle of electric guitars in a music store in Lille.

Ben bought dipstick (and less expensive than some are willing to buy it, even a kind of y'avait Toulouse wanted, but mid priority at ch'ti Lille, who was a customer of the store, gifts it was just ...), and I did well because I now possess a true instrument of collection (There's even stuck behind it on a paper production number, I apparently was the 11th model was made). Especially since this kind of product is mass produced (after it There's perhaps special orders for the privileged) which doubles the value of the Lag!

For now, I have not had a chance to test it live so I complement this notice.

To be continued ...