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User reviews on Korg Krome products

So Far So Good (Korg - Krome 88)

By mrjason, 01/11/2012
We just got the Korg Krome-88 in our studio last week, it has weighted keys and 600+ sounds. There are even 900 arpeggiator patters on it and 600 drum grooves. At first I really didn’t want to invest our studio’s money on another Korg board because a lot of the recent ones that we have got from them have been very similar in sound. I wanted to spend our budget elsewhere and get something different but after I saw the price of the Krome-88 I figured it would be worth a shot because it was very affordable. You can purchase the 61 key version, 72 key version or this 88 key version for all affordable rates. Of course the 61 and 72 key Krome are a little cheaper than the 88 key version.


Setting up was simple, as soon as it arrived we took it out and plugged it in and started to mess with it. There was nothing too it, it did come with a manual but have not even looked at it yet or even took it out of the plastic because if you have used a Korg keyboard before then you have used them all. Korg continues to keep most of their set ups the same from keyboard to keyboard.


You can use the Krome-88 like a plug in on your computer. We are still in the testing phase of using it with a few different DAW’s to see which one we like it with the best. Most of the sounds from the Krome-88 come from the Kronos keyboard which I have used before but no longer own.


The Krome-88 has a full color touch screen that is very bright and easy to work with. There are however some sub menus and tricky navigation. The keys on the Krome-88 are great, the lower octaves have heavier keys while the higher octaves have lighter keys so you can get those melody lines out. If you are looking for a fresh sounding synth then you better get this one and use it before everyone else does. You will shock other musicians with the sounds you can get with the Krome-88. I look forward to seeing all of the capabilities of it over the next few months.

Needs sampling (Korg - Krome 73)

By sw80, 30/01/2013
The Krome is a 73 key workstation that has over 600 built in sounds and over 600 drum grooves. One of the reasons that I was attracted to this keyboard after playing around with it for hours at Guitar Center was the arps. There are over 900 different arps and all of them are very good, even better than they are on my Motif and Fantom. I have been a Triton user for many years, and I didn’t think that the Krome would be better than the Triton series but it is to me.


Using this keyboard could take a little bit of learning because of its layout and in depth features, but it comes with a well written manual to help with the learning curve. The screen on the Krome is not full color but it is easily readable and it is the perfect sizes to see what you are doing and presets you are working with.


The sounds are good, warm and full. If you want to add some effects I do recommend doing that because some of the sounds are pretty dry so it is good to breathe some life into them with reverb. The Krome does come with a plug-in editor as well as MIDI in and MIDI out. There are no digital inputs or outputs on this workstation.


There are 193 effects ready to be used on all 640 sounds. This workstation has given me plenty of sounds to play with but unfortunately making them more into my “own” sound is not as easy as it was on the Korg Triton or Motif boards. Also, another feature that I think they should have added is sampling, you cannot sample on this keyboard. The price is decent but I feel like there should be a little more, or maybe a few more features to work with at this price.

Super price / quality ratio! (Korg - Krome 61)

By sonic75, 05/07/2014
All is said ...


Very good ergonomics, allows to work with logic and without taking the head, very intuitive for a synth / workstation ... Certainly incomparable with virtual analog with all the knobs that can work in real time.


The sounds are good to excellent, Korg excels in sound called "synthetic" in recent years as well as pianos. The Krome confirms this trend.

Pianos: 10
Electric pianos: 10
Organs: 8
Pad / lead: 10
Strings: 9
Guitars: 9
Winds: 8
Low: 9

Obviously touch is pretty average in this price range but is by far not the worst compared to its competitors ...


For me it is a mid-range workstation and not input range. I find it very well built and with good overall finishes, two different aluminum finishes on the front are great, it changes ALL the plastic of its Japanese competitors 2. Its large clear and readable touch screen is a real asset and can work quickly and logically. With its very low price, this synth / workstation has everything you need and more! When I read some reviews that compare Krome with its big brother the Kronos or Yamaha XF I find it completely irrelevant and ridiculous, when comparing a product is done with objectivity and especially in the price category EVEN ...


By mr-truth91, 29/05/2013
I can say rsultat clean synth

the strings as all i and and I have listening ears that are in search of a pure these well my Yamaha those old and those of its dating and now the sound of the Yamaha you can buy directly a good plugin vau better than a synth that has no guts the Korg krome has everything a sequencer track with 16 korg these new product and for the price these are the top and then they can import the full range of its KORG M -50 AND ALSO THE TRITON can not dream about better synth from Korg.

Korg has 10 years ahead, for those who's not working the beast.

look what is in the belly before criticizing, I lie for a purchase spare more lver my home studio setup if I could keep it I will keep its going to take me too much space so these is to I also sold and I need this money to invest on the Korg KRONOS.

like the drums clean and more can be modified with the effects

I rachterais of that I have a great home studio has the certainty, and those he has not resell these pro novice he seeks most of its all too quickly prs, the sound is done with patience I also noted most of the great ITS LOW COST is also KORG TRITON AND WITH M-50 and KORG KROME IN SD CARD YOU AND HIM integrates OF TRITON M-50 SA ARRACHE EARS
and revived the KORG TRITON AND M-50 with effects




FOR PROFESSIONAL AND THOSE spineless intresser is a pro music.
fans who nearly all spineless sound samples buy its going faster for you






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[NAMM] Korg offers the M1 library to Krome users

Published on 07/12/13
Users of the Krome workstations can now download a library featuring sounds of the legendary M1 keyboard for free.

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