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Great! - Reviews Mahalo MLG1

I'm not a connoisseur of lap steel. My field is rather synths. But I like the instruments look a bit special, my children give me my birthday. That's how I got there two years bass Stagg EDB 3/4, and this year, lap steel cross with a surfboard. I wanted a lap steel to play "Soon" as Steve Howe and I had set my heart on Harley Benton 80 € and finally, it is one that I had.
For specifications, I'm having trouble talking about it, I do not have it in hand when I write. What I can say is that the finish is perfect (creamy white lacquer with blue waves). There are two pots, tone and volume, very effective. A single microphone. The tuning is stable.


There are at least 36 frets, since you can play three octaves, but we can go even beyond because nothing prevents the tone bar to walk the bridge. The sound is clear and precise.


I associated with a zoom pedal G3. From there, we can all afford. Hovering the most airborne sound, you can reach the big fat metal sound. For a non-guitarist, like me, I admit that it opens my horizons as I had not considered.


This is the first in which I play, so obviously I have no basis for comparison, but I think as an extra instrument, given the price, it is widely winner. I do not know if it is still made, but in any case, since my purchase, it is no longer available on the site where I bought it (Thomann). Namely: it comes with adjustable feet and a very nice well padded cover. My son had purchased a mahalo ukulele with the same design and quality was already the same. We are bound now ;-)
I use it for two weeks and I discovered the technique of lap steel to As. It is a real pleasure.