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User Review

10 out of 10 - Reviews AKG C414 XLII

A. Best female vocal mic ever made.
B. Best universal mic every made.
C. One of the most used microphone in a pro environment made.

This is the most universal mic used EVER. This mic can be used for any application. I have never had one application I could not use the 414 for. Let me explain more. I use it for room micing, vocals, and any and every other instrument known to man. If you look in any pro studio you will find a pair if not more of the AKG 414's. For female vocals I use this mic in conjunction with about every single pre amp there is. If you use are using it with an API, you will need to pad the mic down a bit. I use omni pattern for room micing and it sounds fantastic. I love this mic for room micing drums or horns as well as acoustic guitars and other instruments. It has a rich sound that is easy recognizable and is the industry standard when it comes to professional microphones. It is a very diverse mic and so you are not limited to using it on one item or one thing. I love the sound it give female singers and it one of the most widely used mic in the world for female singers. I have used these mics for over 25 years and never have they let me down. There are standard pads and patterns as well as the commonly used figure 8 that I use for backing vocals all the time. It is extremely flat sounding and that works so incredibly well on female vocalist that have a strong nasal voice. I also love the sound of the mic when running into any SUMMIT AUDIO pre amp. It has a real rich tone. I recently used it with my new UA AUDIO 610/1176 on the front and it was mind blowing. There is a rich sound that only the 414 can get you. There are just a few mics in professional rooms that all top engineers agree on and this mic is one of them. It is an industry standard.


GREAT SOUND a MUST HAVE for professional engineers. I pull it out every day. We now just keep it in the vocal booth at all times as if we are not feeling good about a mic or we are getting spikes from singers that sometimes just don't have any vocal technique we resort to the AKG 414 and most of the time our problems are solved. I can only say that I can't imagine not having this mic.