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test micros 06 12 2012 (3) AT4050

User Reviews

One of the best vocal mics in this price range

By JimboSpins, 22/01/2013
The AT4050 is a large diaphragm condenser that gives you the ability to change your polar patterns on the fly. So no matter where we were recording at we could easily adjust the polar patterns to give us the best possible quality. I have uses just about every single Audio Technica microphone that has come out over the last 10 years and this one was one of the more impressive ones to me. I was very worried at first when I saw the price tag because I thought they were just jacking up the prices but still keeping the same quality microphones.


You can use this microphone for instruments but I think it should stay on vocals. If you want to get the best out of it, you will need to use it on vocals. It will sound great with male and female vocals of all vocal ranges. To me this is one of the best reasonably price vocal microphones that is on the market. We have recorded with this microphone over 40 times and several different artist and bands. We have not received a complaint yet. I actually wanted to see how this microphone would sound live but I just haven’t had the time to do it yet.
You can switch from figure 8, cardioid, or omnidirectional polar patterns right on the microphone. It comes with a shock mount and it is very durable, I do not think there is any need to worry about dropping it because it is made out of durable metals and the grill is very solid too.
The highs are clean and very transparent, the lows are rich and full just like I like them. I have been using this microphone personally since 2009 and in about 2011 I started recording other musicians with it. It has sounded great with all vocals. I am still kind of anxious to try it live and really try it out on some instruments.

super - value

By boogie-raf, 07/05/2012
Mambrane capacitor wide, variable directivity.


5 Years, I have a lot of microphones. It's close enough to AKG C 414, a bit less bright, which is not bad, and much cheaper. it is a very versatile mic. great sound, beautiful finish. We could do a whole album with that.

Not just for vocals

By James..., 19/08/2011
This is one of AKG's best large condenser mics. The price definitely reflects that also. You usually only find these in higher end studios but they pop up sometimes when big bands are on tour. In general the application is meant for studio vocals but in my opinion it can do a lot more.


I feel like the easiest way to review this mic is to go through all its applications one by one.

Vocals - Obviously this is where the 4050 really shines. It's a very warm mic and when coupled with a solid preamp it can make pretty much anyone sound good. I would agree with this. I've had one in my studio for a couple of years now. For tenor male vocals it is probably one of my favorite mics. There are other more expensive mics that will sometimes beat it out for different singers, but this one at least gives them a run for their money. Honestly there is not much difference between this mic and the $3000 ones. Especially if you don't have a really good preamp. For the money it's a solid vocal mic for any studio.

Acoustic gtr - Okay, to be fair I usually pair it with some kind of pencil condenser, but I have tried it by itself and it's pretty amazing. If you use a lot of Jumbo guitars it might not work too well because of how warm the mic is. I have a Taylor GS with a lot of bass and this mic makes it sound much to boomy. For smaller acoustics it's one of my favorite mics though.

Guitar cabs - I don't use it like people might imagine. I will close mic the cab with some kind of dynamic and then stick this one a few feet back for ambient stuff. The warmth really gives my tracks the extra fullness they need.

I have never used this thing live. It gets used in my studio probably once a week at least. Usually for vocals and certain acoustic guitars. It works well as a room mic too.

Swiss Army Knife

By Ad, 14/08/2011
See site audio technica, versatile use


I love this mic I own for 4 years, I do not use it all the time, but it does very well on a lot of sources, including small drums that often come with a little hard enough static out with this silky micro. I use it often omni (OH mono, 1.5 m amp guitar, voice ...), with a little distance where he is doing the best for me. More conventionally used on a voice cardio when others do not work, in addition to eight other micro.
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