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User Review

A warm precision - Reviews Beyerdynamic MC 740

Microphones, five directional characteristics can be displayed using a wheel:
In contrast to the useful face, respectively, were two additional functions:
Attenuator 0-dB/-10dB
-Low-cut filter 80 Hz and 160 Hz
This microphone has a double membrane suspended, it comes with its soft suspension it will be essential to use!
The principle rests on a system with relatively conventional condenser type, connected to a double membrane providing a frequency response absolutely constant, regardless of the selected diagram, which is of course therein lies the main interest of this microphone .


Situation in the MC 740 has always surprised me by two phenomena often contradictory, he manages to be both warm and precise. Indeed, the ample remains serious, sometimes perhaps too generous, but not in excess of the microphone, simply because the acuity of his taking down low, forcing the course to ensure different locations. The medium is hot, it phonogénise a soft voice but without any established, and treble is precise, never hard. However, there is a rise in acute from 4 kHz to reach its peak around 10 kHz is beneficial to the ear. Especially as the gradual de-emphasis from 12 kHz to 20 kHz up to avoid the unpleasant appearance of hyper-realism of the acute, that is too strong of a dive is not always desirable, including a stereo phase according to the current digital technology ..

The rise of the high makes sense to use omnidirectional. Indeed, the significant loss of high frequencies, outside the main axis, thus seems somewhat offset by the sensor. Frequencies reaching the microphone as an oblique remain practically as well as transmitted live on its axis is one of its major strengths.

Using a pair of MC 740 as omnidirectional pattern gives excellent results, even if it is of course at the expense of compatibility mono / stereo space marked only the process is where digital pay can afford a stereo image dramatically developed along the horizontal axis listening. The proximity effect disappears completely.
Operating wide cardioid microphone that highlights the lack of rear rejection. In fact, it's almost a kind of hemisphere without reaching for the omni, however, allows the inclusion of a source in a sound and above all to present a better correlation of phase-AB ORTF pair, even above 110 ° opening.
The MC 740 is very sensitive to vibrations, however it is able to cope with the pressure the most dangerous, this option allows the intended both to conventional stereo intensity than the sound of extreme proximity. I predestined the micro and foremost a working couple, he is also fluent in AB than in MS, which is not the case with all the microphones far from it ..

A microphone that can forget the sense of the term, the ultimate studio tool. However, it will not hesitate to add a good preamp to get the quintessence of the sensor ..