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User Review

scary price tag, but GREAT - Reviews Neumann U 87

The Neumann U87 is a classic microphone that has been around for a while. I wish I could afford to have this mic in my house but there is no way that I can spend that kind of money for my personal gear collection. A local studio that I go to from time to time does have the Neumann U87 as one of the main mics and after using it I can see why. Its just flat out amazing and the quality cant be matched but any other mic in its price range. But that is just the problem, the price range. There really isn’t anyone else that know that can purchase this mic for their house studio without breaking the whole bank account. The mic is just too expensive, but if you are lucky enough to have the money to get it, the quality that you will get just cant have a price tag on it. It will do more than pay for itself, there is no substitute for great quality and the Neumann U87 will provide that if you can afford it. Even if you are looking to get a used one you will still have to pay at least 75% of what a new one cost because the price of the U87 doesn’t just drop even though it has been out for a while now.


Brand new the mic is going for over 3 thousand dollars online, I just don’t know who can afford that unless you have a decent studio budget that you can work with. If that’s the case then you will need to get this mic because it is everything you could want and more. If you are a higher tone singer, using this mic is a must or even no matter what your tone it, but higher tones sound beautiful on the U 87.