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User Review

BeyondR's review - Neumann TLM 102

Neumann TLM102 Studio Microphone is a recording mic.
It uses a condenser technology.


Neumann TLM102 Studio Microphone is a great product made by the famous Neumann company.
What I like most about it, it's the compact design and how in depth this mic captures the signal.

Another great thing about this mic is the large diaphragm microphone with cardioid directional feature, the sound pressure level of 144 dB also allows to record some percussion or some more quite sounds.
The 6 kHz frequency response allows a well structured vocal recording with the capture of overtones and tremble of the voice that is hard to find nowdays.

I also must mention the the fact that it adds some natural effect to the voice and edge that can make a huge difference in some more more soulful recordings or rocky songs.

The precision and quality of sounds is outstanding, I really do enjoy the quality provided by this product and everything related to this product, the design, the material, the frequency response, however this mic costs around 1000 $ so you should keep that in mind if you want to buy this product.

Precision and quality of sounds I could rate 9/ 10.

I tried several condenser types of mics , this has has a big advantage over others, the low noise and the precision of capturing the sounds, the vibrato and the natural tone of the singer.

Knowing What I know I'm quite sure if I would search for a mic that I can use even in a couple of years and get a decent quality, this would probably would be what I would choose.

However, there is something quite tricky about it, it doesn't come with shockmount and you either buy one, or just use the clip provided by the Neumann company.