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Worth it? - Reviews Mojave Audio MA-200

Mojave Audio MA-200 Tube Condenser Mic Features:

Large-diaphragm tube condenser mic
Full, warm reproduction for vocals, piano, acoustic instruments, drum overheads, orchestra, and spot miking
Hand-selected 3-micron gold sputtered capsule
Jensen audio transformers
Military grade JAN 5840 vacuum tubes
Frequency response 30Hz-18kHz, ±2.5dB
Carry case, power supply, shock mount, and cables included


There comes a time in every engineer's budget that he questions how much better the 3k mic is than the 300 buck buddy mic. I have long since given up that battle. MA 200 is one of those mics that will make your wallet hurt and your ears ask why you didn't hurt it sooner. I should say up front this is a wonderful mic. The build quality is tremendous. Mojave is one their game and right now they are one of my favorite mic companies. That's the truth. You can tell a lot of thought went into the design of the ma 200 just from looking at it. Probably a lot of research was done too. But these days anyone can afford a tube condenser. You aren't paying for that.

Anyone who says this is a bad mic is crazy. But that doesn't mean everyone should drop the change on it. Bottom line, this is probably my favorite mic for my own vocal tracks right now. And that includes a locker of some very very nice stuff. If you don't have a really good preamp interface, don't even bother with this mic because your cheap pro tools firewire digital interface is going to kill this thing's signal. Sorry but that's the truth. It's like that with any great tube condenser.

For tracks where my vocalist has no backup, this is hands down the mic i use. It has that extra warmth and smoke to support a solo vocal take like no other mic. There are other cheaper mics that sound about as good in my book. But the ma 200 has a certain vintage warmness to it that I love.

Here's my advice. If you DO decide to spend 2 grand on a tube condenser, make it this one. Okay? That is all.