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[AES][VIDEO] Mojave Audio MA-1000 and MA-50

At AES, Mojave Audio is showcasing the new MA-1000 and MA-50 microphones.

The MA-1000 the first model in the company’s new Signature Series line of products. Designed by Technical Grammy award winning microphone designer David Royer, the MA-1000 features an original new old-stock 5840 tube, a 251-style capsule, and a custom-designed transformer built by Coast Magnetics. Among its notable features, the MA-1000 includes a remotely controlled, continuously variable polar pattern selector that is located on microphone’s power supply. 

The MA-1000 also offers a switchable 15dB pad that facilitates high SPL recordings with no microphone distortion or preamplifier overload. This is particularly useful for close miking electric guitars. Similarly, the microphone provides a switchable low frequency roll-off designed to reduce the excess low end created by proximity effect, the bass buildup commonly experienced during close miking of vocals and acoustic instruments. The LF roll-off capability is also useful when miking electric guitars where less low-end buildup is desired. The MA-1000 is announced for Q4, 2015.

The MA-50 is also being introduced, with details to follow.