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DYI: Telefunken ELA M 251 - forum Telefunken Elektroakustik ELA M 251

I read this post on a DYI site here:…php?topic=55010.0

I've never made my own mic, but this would save thousands for a high quality mic! My question to Mike Levine and anyone else knowledgable about the subject: have you or anyone you known ever made their own mic (or other high-end audio gear), and is it actually possible for people other than rocket scientists? It looks really cool!

Here's the post from the site:

"D-Elam 251E with True Pattern Switching on PSU ,

this was a very fun build. Specially the Point to Point HZ bridge, half PCb/half PTP for Optimal Results and Maximum Fun

more Info soon at…php?topic=49675.0" rel="ugc noopener" target="_blank"> Or…php?topic=49675.0

Schematic ELA M251E

Schematic D-E251E



Elam 251 BOM. (Missing From BOM 4700pf Polystyrene 630V and 1000pf Polystyrene /630V and 100pf Polystyrene 630V)

It is needed to get rid of a pair of high stamping Metal siders to proper with the aid of a metal cutter and a file :D:

Best, :D:
This looks wicked! Do you know how much all of the materials cost and how long it took to put together?
I have done similar work here in France. I believe best way to learn how to use microphones is to learn how they work via deconstructing it and learning what is there (ie capacitor) and what purpose does it serve.

Once I had realised I could purchase cheap chinese made microphones and buy high quality components to modify them, I've never thought of paying retail price for expensive microphones. I often use my modded microphones over the neumanns and telefunkens available at the studio.

There are also many things available called clone kits, where you receive the parts for a DYI premium microphone. One great example is a U87 clone kit that costs 500EUR. Much better than spending 3000EUR for the microphone, and much more fun as well! here is the link:…-u87-diy-kit.html
Thanks guys, for posting all that helpful info!