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very affordable and tons of lighting (Micro Galaxian)

By JimboSpins, 26/10/2012
The American Dj Micro Galaxian is a laser lighting effects machine. It comes with a wireless remote and should be added to your set immediately. It only cost 99 USD, it is probably about the best lighting investment you can make when you are first starting out. It is very easy to start using with your set up. It can stand on its own and does not need to be mounted to anything to work, you can have it sitting where your booth is and it will shock your crowd. The sound active mode is very good, it will allow you to have everything synced up, so basically it is a set it and forget it type of unit.

The Galaxian is well built; it is not real heavy and can be taken with you from place to place easy. The Galaxian has a built in internal fan that will not allow it to get over heated so it does not get damaged. Having a remote with it is a huge bonus, you will be able to just sit it there or mount it up with the brackets and easily change stuff with the remote and not even have to go near the unit. The Galaxian has over 200 beams of red and/or green laser lighting patterns.

For the 99 dollars that it cost, you will get some really cool lighting. You have nothing to lose when purchasing this unit. This should be one of the first lighting units that you purchase if you are getting into being a DJ. It will last you a long time, and it is easy to set up. The Galaxian will add some flavor to your sets and energy to the club. Some clubs may have lighting already set up, but either way it is always good to have your own lighting set up so you will have it wherever you are just in case.

Djtipi's review (Galaxian 3D)

By Djtipi, 16/01/2010
I've recently.
Compar to Moon Star DUNE has has nothing. The beams, especially greens, are much more visual ... The 2 Allums score rating, we only see the Moon star ...

The effects are not identical.
DMX management enables raliser cool effects. But what is especially suprenant is the possibility of a species raliser false ceiling beams of green very effective ...

Me anyway, even if I find it a bit expensive, I can not do without me ...

<strong>With experience, you do again this choice? YES without hsiter

Bought at 399</strong>

News Lasers ADJ (American DJ)

American DJ Micro Galaxian

Published on 01/09/11
DJ has added a new laser to itsline of Galaxian solar-system-type effects, the Micro Galaxian, a trim unit that produces over 200 green and red laser beams.