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User Review

Revised Cinema Display - Reviews Apple Cinema Display 27"

Apple has finally revised their famous Cinema Display. While there are fewer sizes and less ports than the last one, the new monitor features a newer IPS panel and Apple’s Mini DisplayPort.

The monitor itself is very similar to the current generation iMac. It features that swooping back with the thin metal bracket to hold it up. There is no upwards/downwards adjustment with this, but you can tilt it to suit your needs. The monitor itself has three self-powered USB 2.0 ports, a display port and a power cable. Looks wise, it’s up there with the best of them.

The IPS panel that Apple is using is a great panel for those doing graphical work. The colors themselves are extremely true, even though the panel itself is a glossy panel. Some people complain that glossy is not the right way to go with design work, but as someone who has been working in the graphical and desktop publishing world for years, I find that the glossy panels are actually more true than the matte finish panels. A quick calibration can easily fix up any issues you may have with color mismatching when printing and designing.

The monitor only comes in 27’’ form, and I find that’s a pretty good size. I miss the huge 30’’ they used to offer, but I don’t miss the price point it came at. While this is still more expensive than most other IPS panels out there, it’s still not a bad deal considering what you get. The aspect ratio is a 16:9 ratio, which seems to be the new standards. More and more people are abandoning the 16:10 ratio, and I have a feeling that’s due to the HDTV market taking over. The more people get used to a standard format, the easier designing will be, so I see where they’re going with this.

If you have the money, I highly recommend picking up one of these monitors. However, if you can’t afford it, I don’t really blame you. While I’ve used these in the past, I personally use Samsung monitors.