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User Review

Deki smokton - Reviews Gibson Les Paul Studio LH 2013

USA, see the specs of the product
Channel 60 end kind slim tapper
2 microphones 490 and 498 I think


I rarely played on a handle as unpleasant: it's like a guitar 10 balls:
Very flat key (like classical guitar made in china), VERY prominent, high frets Action: the perfect cocktail for having no sense ....
I tried the machine on a Marshall MG series, which does not help, but even vacuum it is not


Correct sounds (if we disregard the touch nonexistent ...) but the touch is so prohibitive


I tried a lot of les paul standard recent I found blah and I have a tokai japan I find dull, but next to this board standard lp and Tokay are bombs!
For the price it is indecent: the Corts, Ibanez or Esp 3 times cheaper are a thousand times more enjoyable ....