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User reviews on Left-Handed Guitar products

Good scratch! (Bee & Billy - BB741 LH)

By yougui227, 10/11/2014
Guitar made in Korea that a few years now and rarely found mostly left-handed.


The handle is very nice, the guitar sounds good, ergonomics is that of a dreadnought with the granny big enough but it gives off a good sound!


I used quite a few I'm mostly an electric guitarist but I added him with time and a piezo preamp for live use


I have over 10 years it has not moved and I would keep a long time !!!

Good scratch!

manufacturing quality (Vigier - Excalibur Indus LH)

By pioupiou87, 12/09/2014
Made in France, neck rosewood fingerboard, 2 dual coil pickups Dimarzio DP195 vibrato floating bearing, 24 frets, 5-way switch (double neck, double neck in single, double and double neck bridge in single, double bridge in single, double bridge) , 1 volume, 1 tone. Alder body, textured black finish.


3.2 pounds on the scale (my Ibanez RG507 in comparison is 3.5, my 3.7 stratovolcano, my Les Paul 4.5). Very thin very nice ergonomics, great access to the best treble I compared to my other guitars. Very well balanced as the Stratocaster and Ibanez. Therefore form stratabound comfort.
Regarding the sleeve: fine, matte varnish pleasant to touch, fine touch, well put, well put also, mechanical blocking good frets. carbon treatment / wood is a good innovation but when you consider setting a handle (and this is not rocket science and more) that does not add much. The zero fret is nice but I do not think it necessarily revolutionary. For example, at the sustain is less than the Les Paul, as far as my Ibanez, a chouilla more compared to the Fender. For the height of strings, I took my time to set my guitars and although Vigier is very much on this point, it's not better than my other guitars. At the neck profile is according to taste, I easily adapt to any type of sleeve. I would say it is between Ibanez and Fender. I feel comfortable on it but no more than my other guitars (except the Les Paul beating down a little ass). So nothing "revolutionary" to me.
Regarding the finishing is very good, clean well-cut, well-nested but not more than my other guitars. I did not "wow" opening the case for the first time, I was very happy of course but it was not the same emotion as when I opened the case of the Les Paul. ..


I needed a guitar to do it all, a sound that is between that of my strat and that of my les paul with modern ergonomic my Ibanez button. Therefore less crystalline and slamming the strat, a hair less powerful and less oily than my Les Paul, a warmer sound than my Ibanez. In short I was looking for a Swiss Army knife guitar. Vigier has not the qualities of my other guitars but and this is what is important, it is not their fault. So perfect guitar? No I do not think so. I love the sound, the "feeling" of the Fender and Les Paul. These are for me the mythical guitars have personalities affirmed an aesthetic, a touchdown of their own. they have flaws recess (weight for Les Paul, lacks power for Fender) but what they sound doggone! I am very fortunate to have these two historic instruments; there is a visceral relationship when they were in hand. Vigier is excellent for use as I'm going to do, namely Swiss knife to his total comfort and above all to work. Hard work by example of several hours with the Les Paul; it ends you cut off circulation! and as it beating down the back, without the strap it ends up straining your shoulders.
Say to summarize the Vigier brings together the best of both worlds (three if we add the Ibanez) but does not shine in any of them. If I really have to separate myself from one of those guitars that would be she who would go. Not that it is worse than others, not at all, the plebiscite is clearly justified, but to my ears it does not have these organic sounds almost magical, a Stratocaster or Les Paul. Look at the G3 Malmsteem that we like it or not the character or his music you will see that the sounds coming out of his strat have more substance, taste the Ibanez Satriani or Vai; I do not mean to touch or technique but clear sound. For me, a Vigier in ENGL head, it is the foot that is clear, but not as much as a Les Paul plugged into a JTM 45.

So overall it's a matter of taste everything, tried tori these shovels before buying. It is expensive and that alone deserves much thought.


See above.

Value for money in terms of the proper stroke of work in France, quality workmanship and choice of materials.

With experience is what I would do this choice? I do not really know. It is a pleasure to play on Vigier but maybe just change the pickups of my Ibanez would just

olivier61's review (Yamaha - Pacifica PAC112L)

By olivier61, 21/08/2014
Everything has been said


This guitar is light. The handle is very nice although I now find that the frets hang a little hand.


This guitar has agreed very well myself. I played the blues with a marshall AVT 100 and it sounded great.


I used it for 11 years as the only electric guitar. I really liked this guitar. Today I play a gibson les paul and I must say I would not return back. This is a very good guitar for beginners. I really do not regret having bought it at the time, it was much cheaper than the concurrent or better than similarly priced guitars.

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