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Dams_21's review (C 512 J)

By Dams_21, 14/04/2006
DMX 512 Nicols brand, I bought the same time as four scan PAT 100 to order.

Pretty easy to use instructions in french and if followed to the letter, you come to realize sequences of scenes and take control of the scan in less than one hour.

Joystick to move easily Faisal opportunity to take control of the scan or selected during the execution of a program in automatic mode or misical.


192 DMX channels
12 Programmable scan of 8 scenes
6 scenes programées sequencers 240 of 30 memory banks
8 knobs for manual control
can connect a second order
Auto speed control and crossfades
Master of blackout
Return of scenes per channel Midi
DMX polarity switch
Memory permanance

A good console to program and efficient sipmle

To have urgently to really enjoy the effect DMX

Very correct (C 512 J)

By Altalen, 16/05/2012
* How long you use it?
2 weeks

* Did you tried many other models before buying it?
Another equivalent and used but sold under the brand Contest, that I had paid.

This model sold under the brand Nicols is finished (see photos) which unlike other plastic stuck on the screen has some air bubbles and décallages. (This does not change the operation but I'm manic!)
The dazzling blue LED that equipped the older revisions of this product (all brands) have been replaced by green less annoying.
Potentiometers (as it has been criticized in other reviews) are also flexible if I compare to the Contest.

As for the rest no specific changes, mastering the craft when it comes to doing things satisfactorily :) I will not dwell on that, please consult the opinions of other brands if you want more details .
Special mention to the manual supplied EN / FR that is complete and clear enough I think!

* How would you rate the quality / price?
Well! Food sufficient for ordinary use.

* With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes why not, at least insofar as this type of product covers my needs.