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User reviews on Lighting Controller products

Put on a show (Enttec - DMXIS)

By JimboSpins, 26/10/2012
The ENTTEC DMXIS is a lighting controller that comes with a hardware converter and can work with your PC or Mac. It does not take long to program your lights and screens with the ENTTEC DMXIS. One of the cool things that you can do with the ENTTEC DMXIS is control all your lighting set up with a mouse!
The ENTTEC DMXIS is easy to set up and start using right way. It runs as a can run as a standalone program or as a VST plug in. It supports up to 512 DMX channels and will allow you to have an unlimited amount of fixtures and patterns. It has an ¼ input for a footswitch , the footswitch will allow you to change your scenes quickly without having to mess with the program. I really love all of the moving effects that you can create quickly with the ENTTEC DMXIS.

You can even have all of your lighting to be set up based on temp, it will give you a whole different feel when everything is synced up. The ENTTEC DMXIS will allow you to really be a DJ and control the club by having all of your effects in sync with your music. The ENTTEC DMXIS does not plug into the outlet, it gets its power from your computer via USB. It is also protected because it is 1500V full isolation. You don’t have to worry about it shorting out, or shorting out your computer when you have a bunch of other gear plug in.

The ENTTEC DMXIS really is a must have for any live DJ. You can be really creative with it and outshine other DJ’s when you have the ENTTEC DMXIS. Clubs will want to bring you back when you have visual effects with your music. You will basically be putting on your own show with the ENTTEC DMXIS.

b_cristache's review (Martin - Fingers)

By b_cristache, 16/03/2013
hello..i want to buy this product..i want to know the price

MAgnificent! (Ma Lighting - GrandMA2 onPC)

By DeadSoca, 24/04/2018
Who doesn’t know GrandMA2 ? These lighting desks have taken the crown as the must have for practically all top notch professional events!

With GrandMa2 onPC, a PC software is now in charge of doing the job – no longer a lighting desk. The software is available for free so do not hesitate to download it to give it a try. Yet, you’ll have to pay to use it in a professional context as it requires an outcoming physical DMX signal, which requires Node or Command Wing.

To make it short, it’s a very comprehensive software (the most comprehensive in its domain): What more could I say? Give it a try!

However, it involves a certain learning curve, making its use quite uneasy in the first hours… A good number of hours to start (preferably with the help of an experienced user), then a few additional dozen hours to go through the basic features… After which you keep discovering features day after day! ;)

News Lighting Controller

ELIOS, the ArtNet remote, is out in version 0.2

Published on 01/07/13
Elios (a.k.a. Entertainment LIgthing Open source Software) is an entertainment lighting remote using ArtNet protocol (DMX over Ethernet).

JB Systems DMX Creator 128

Published on 03/07/11

Enttec DMXIS v1.1.1

Published on 12/22/10

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