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GrandMA PC saves your life (GrandMA OnPC)

By KingF, 21/11/2012
I use GrandMA ONPC several years.

I have a rack with PC, touch screen and BCF. A true micro mini GrandMA pc.

I always below the elbow and frankly it helps out.

MAgnificent! (GrandMA2 onPC)

By DeadSoca, 24/04/2018
Who doesn’t know GrandMA2 ? These lighting desks have taken the crown as the must have for practically all top notch professional events!

With GrandMa2 onPC, a PC software is now in charge of doing the job – no longer a lighting desk. The software is available for free so do not hesitate to download it to give it a try. Yet, you’ll have to pay to use it in a professional context as it requires an outcoming physical DMX signal, which requires Node or Command Wing.

To make it short, it’s a very comprehensive software (the most comprehensive in its domain): What more could I say? Give it a try!

However, it involves a certain learning curve, making its use quite uneasy in the first hours… A good number of hours to start (preferably with the help of an experienced user), then a few additional dozen hours to go through the basic features… After which you keep discovering features day after day! ;)