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Q Light
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Excellent for beginners and multi-platform (Q Light Controller+)

By KoalaMan, 07/04/2014
I used QLC for a good year before moving to QLC + (this is a fork of QLC, which continuously updates).

I wanted a light control software for mac, and they are quite rare.

QLC + has an easily configurable interface, even if the software is not at the major known software, it deserves to be interested in him and seems to be moving in the right direction.

I use a found on eBay, I had to make the case USB / DMX ultra cheap adapter. No specific latency or blocking, or even big problems.

Everything works as it should and QLC + allows me to automate the light on my shows, using as well as the traditional LED, smoke machines etc..

Do not compare with paid software whose development is finished, but I want to say that it follows the evolution of my abilities!