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Starway Lighting

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User reviews on Lighting Starway products

Simply phenomenal !!! (Max Spot 250 DMX)

By sinfonis, 26/09/2014
Wholesale light effect for a full lyre.
Super powerful for a small price.
What else!

Its effect, no more, no less! (Tiwa)

By scuba30, 24/08/2014
Recently purchased, I had read reviews before so I knew what to expect. Rackable in 19 ', 1 U. Plus: The price for 8 switches
Minimum: Like everyone, back jacks: two holes per socket + the grounding plug. The plugs landless actually misbehave once inserted. Why the hell did not they put a circle or hollow sockets like all bars found in the supermarket? Second black dot, the case is very narrow in depth. Once at the bottom of the rack, you can not see anything to connect the different takes. Provide front!
A netizen commented that the switches will cut the phase and not the neutral. True, but it is also the case for most domestic switches! Only fuses (and only in recent years) intersect the phase and neutral at the same time. You have as much risk by changing your kitchen ceiling by plugging your devices! It's good to know anyway. Another netizen said using outlets with earth, but it's dangerous. Strongly agree, but I am not the manufacturer, so I plug that it provides me with the camera and those operating with a transformer do not have land.
The value for money therefore seems unbeatable.
I would do this choice of course! At least at the same price (or so) we find the same thing with anti slam protection, phase loss and neutral taken hollow and accessible once Racke. If it exists, please let me know!