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User Review

moosers's review - Abbey Road Plug-ins TG 12413 Limiter

The Abbey Road Plug-ins TG 12412 Limiter is actually a bundle of two different compressor/limiter plug-ins. One is a classic 1969 model, while the other one is a 2005 model. Both are similar in look and style but have a slightly different make up and sound. I don't own these plug-ins and have only used the ten day free trail that they offer as a gauge to see if I wanted to buy the plug-in pack. It was easy enough to download it from their website and put it onto my iLok, which only took a few minutes. I believe it would be the same process if you were to buy the full license for the plug-ins. The interface of each of the plug-ins is fairly simple, each containing four parameters. The difference between the 2005 model and the 1969 model is that the 2005 model is based on the Chandler Limited version of this classic piece of outboard gear while the 1969 one is based on the original that was used in Abbey Road Studios on many classic records. In terms of make up, the only difference is that the 1969 model has knobs for input, output, recovery, and for choosing between either a compression or limiting mode, and the 2005 model has the same parameters except that instead of the input parameter it has one for hold. I don't believe that most users will need to check out the manual.


For the demo version of the Abbey Road Plug-ins TG 12412 Limiter that I'm currently using, it's on a Mac Book Pro that has a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM. I'm running it in Pro Tools LE 8 that runs with a Digi 002 rack audio interface. While I was able to run a few of them in a session that was already loaded with plug-ins comfortably, I did notice that I got a CPU overload message a few times when I would first pull up a new instance of the plug-in. After that it ran fine, but it just makes me think that it's the type of plug-in that takes up a decent amount of processing power. I'd encourage those interested to check out the demo version like I did to see how well it will run on your specific system.


Of course right off the bat I was intrigued with the Abbey Road Plug-ins TG 12412 Limiter pack just because of who was issuing it. However, even though these are great sounding plug-ins, I don't think it lived up to the hype for me. That's really just because I thought that I would be blown away, and I can't say that I was. While I like both plug-ins in the Abbey Road Plug-ins TG 12412 Limiter a good deal, I decided that I'm going to hold off from adding it permanently to my plug-in suite. I'd absolutely like to have them, so maybe in the future I will do. I'd definitely recommend trying out the full ten day demo if you're at all interested in these plug-ins.