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Review of the Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100

A Multi-Effects Pedal in the Palm of your Hand Following in the footsteps of the AMPLIFi 150 and AMPLIFi 75 amplifiers, Line 6 has released the AMPLIFi FX100, a floor-based multi-effects pedal controlled by your iOS device. How does this concept translate to a floor unit? Read on to find out. read more…

Exclusive Line 6 AMPLIFI 150 Review

The Blue-Toothed Combo Line 6 enters the Bluetooth era with the new AMPLIFI series, which combines multimedia speakers and a modeling combo in a single box. read more…

User reviews on Line 6 AMPLIFi products

The modern Swiss army knife of guitar amps (Line 6 - AMPLIFi 150)

By bloodjob, 09/12/2015
After using approximately each and every amp range -especially those from Line6 but also different tube and solid-state heads, tube combos, modelization combos...-, I was eager to have an opportunity to test this new generation of products announced as the next revolution in guitar amps.

A revolution, well, perhaps not really. But real crazy sounds and a lot of guaranteed fun, well, YEAH!!!

First cons: where's the manual!? Frankly, this the the ONE amp for which they should have done something in the true Line6 spirit! Usually their user's manuals are a pleasure to read, filled with advices, stoopid anecdotes and, most important, precious informations.

Now, let's get straight to the Amplifi app. I use the Android version, on both smartphones and tablets it works wonder and allows awesome interactions.

Soundwise, the models are... INCREDIBLE. I never got such a great and soft sound, at both low and mid level. I had tried the 75W version and was a bit disappointed by it as its distorted sounds sounded harsh, especially on high-gain amp sims. Here, it all just sounds great. The number of models, effects, interactions (some effects can be placed at various places in the FX chain). The ability to send sounds from your own music library wireless through Bluetooth is huge. Not to mention the Tone Search functionality, which allows identifying and finding a sound close to that in your favorite song straight from the Amplifi's online users shared database.

I then tried it with the fbv mk2 pedalboard and the amp turned into a real stage performer. Plus, you can connect it straight to your computer through USB, turning it into a recording interface to record your songs in Cubase for instance.

I was seduced by the sound it produces, although at very high volume it seems to distort and be less accurate. In this price range, I think it is by far the amp that offers the best modeling and sound capacities. The fact that you can associate different cabs, amp heads and microphones allows to multiply the possibilities. Also, changes are very easy to hear and the results are convincing, which to me is a real sound quality proof.

I don't believe it to be up to par with the Pod hd500, but for that price it's hard to compare an all-in-one amp to a pedalboard (even such a high-level one) which implies other costs. I had also been convinced by the Digitech rp500 ans rp1000 series, which in my opinion offer amp modelings (especially the hi gain ones) at least as good as Line6's.

To me, this amp is full of quality, I'd recommend it with no hesitation. I also like very much the amplifi TT, a smaller version without a speaker.

A real revelation, oh happiness!

Nothing revolutionary, consistent with the brand's history... (Line 6 - AMPLIFi TT)

By ricoute, 06/12/2014
I wanted to have a basic multi-effects for headphone listening, since I already have a pedal board connected in the traditional way to a solid-state and a tube amp.

I got a demo through a sales representative of Line 6, who insisted especially on the possibility to be able to slice a song and transcribe it, and to have access to common sample databases. It's more like a computer than an instrument.

It can be used and controlled with a laptop or tablet, android or pc, it already exists via the interface of the hd 500.

I didn't test any similar products, but it seems to me that it has the brand's typical sound, which is quite synthetic. Clean sounds are hardly believable, only special effects (reverb/delay) are usable or good.

With my Dt 770 headphones, the sound seems compressed, deformed, it's better than using a headphone output directly from an amp, but the quality is not enough for me.

Be it the amplifi fx 100 pedal or the amp head or combo (amplifi 75/150), they don't seem to be quality made, the design and connection possibilities are unfortunately not everything in this world!

I'm pretty game, but to be honest, it dissuaded me and I will definitely go for something like the zoom g3 (with a headphone out), which I think will surely provide a better quality!

Its value for money is okay, but it's more of a marketing and commercial hype, and using a neutral system like an amplifi combo with built-in speaker doesn't add much. It's better to stay with a classic system with a real guitar amp even if it colors sound (because at least you like it!).
To play electric guitar with a hi-fi amp, no way!!!

very well (Line 6 - AMPLIFi 75)

By legwenosor, 22/10/2014
amp transistor.
75w - 5 Speakers
full of effects and amp simulation ... probably a pod "something" lurking in there.
seen on the net for details.


congif easy ... with an iPad.

I only use it like that, so I do not know how to deal with the buttons, I do vuq ue affects more !!!!


then certainly 75 watts, are not those tube amp ... so it grows not "hairy" !!!

but at home and / or in the room that's perfectly usable.

the sounds are correct, I think even though convincing crunch !!!! (No heavy distortion metal tried because it's not my style of music)


then here is probably not the ultimate amp, but I am a big lazy and seeks the sound of other ... it's perfect.

just the guitar and the jack hop and everything else with the ipad.
I want a sound: search engine app and hop all sounds appear and I can try ... edit and save or in the ipad is in the memory of the amp (over 64 presets are savable I think).
I have not tested playing MP3 (the amp can act diffuser .. music by bluetooth) or play along with MP3s.
The app offers sounds for the music you listen to ... it's too good.
the sounds are perfectly illusions ... for me, home is perfect.

Disappointed (Line 6 - AMPLIFi FX100)

By Mu5e, 14/06/2014
Multi effects pedal in order to simulate amps easily tip of your finger using an iPad / iPod / iPhone to.
The idea is great and very friendly especially since you can share full sound with an active community of Line6eur (Artists) :-)

The connection is nothing more simple: Wiring guitar / amp area and playing :)

You have more details on the Line 6 website live.


Then, it become chilly ..

Already must have an internet if you want to use the software connection. (It was not all the wifi / 3G ...) so if you are international, you will pay extra packages. (Just to start your application).

Well open your application and let you in the background. (Board)

First bluetooth connection on your pedal .... and update it.

Do not hurry. 45 minute wait .. (as you say, this pedal start outside the repeat if your colleagues rifle look, especially if you repeat with women - the way a big Kisses to you: D: D: D)

Last day finished, we will seek a sound ... and ................................... ......................


................. Never found such power / distortion / acute horrible ...
8:00 intensive to coexist my Cort and my amp Vox30 ... and still not found a clean sound settings.

As with the POD HD 500X bam few seconds ... so there NADA ..

While other effects (delays - reverb) are good bills .. the distortion was really a misnomer. I tried everything, removed amp / pedals tried ALL available, play with the gain / high / low / medium / etc etc ... => EIR N. ..

Anyway ...


Return to sender .... after two weeks acharnation (yes it does not say but it's bound to say :-) )

I like Line6 products but I'm really disappointed. So what is my guitar / amp is not compatible: can be .... but then why the POD HD 500X any good?

Too bad, because I liked the concept of any pay via iPhone / iPod / iPad ...

News Line 6 AMPLIFi

The AMPLIFi Remote on the Apple Watch

Published on 05/01/15
Line 6 released version 2.11 of its remote app for AMPLIFI amps on the iPhone in order to add Apple Watch support.

The AMPLIFi Remote app on Android

Published on 10/29/14

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