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Line 6 DL4

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Line 6's M13: The Test

PODal board? Line 6 has been so strongly associated with their Pod that one almost overlooks the fact that their other line of products, stomp box modelers, have long been part of many guitarist’s (some of them famous) arsenals. First there were effects pedal modules dedicated to a certain type of effect, then the concept evolved into the likes of the M13: a multi-effects pedal board integrating all these modules and effect types, but also integrating new features and capabilities. read more…

User reviews on Line 6 Stompboxes Modeler products

Great (Line 6 - DL4)

By Before_, 26/10/2014
So there are two inputs and two outputs, one for an expression pedal (which I have not yet tested, looking for a reasonably priced) .It is the digital jack (not Daniels) no midi.
Four switches: three to save your favorite settings, a fourth for the tap tempo.


Very easy to use, turn the knobs test sounds.
That said, we must look for a moment on the documentary to understand the role of Tweez and tweak depending on the type of delay that you use.


The effects are quite successful, the simulations also.
Can reproduce a good dirty echo by adjusting the treble and bass, "usury" bands; slapbacks as the delays are present very convincing.
There is a bypass mode that cuts the delay if you wish when you disengage the effect.
There are only echo the sweep I use less and loop sampler mode.
on the other hand, no digital display to adjust the tempo on a delay, unlike the boss DD20 home for example.
The tap tempo is super convenient direct access, the boss is less accessible. (Must play tap).
3 memory is just a little bit; but adding an expression pedal you can double down (never tried it but it is explained in the manual).


This effect has long intrigued me; ok this is a delay and there are multitude.
I have a boy and a memory DD20 boss.
The DD20 and DL4 in my opinion are very different and not one is "better" than the other.
The DD20 is a delay much cleaner and certainly more surgical and cold but very effective, the DL4 to create more atmosphere, in that it is more than just delay and brings warmth to the sound.
It looks sturdy, yet expensive secondhand (though I got mine for cheap even if it went to war) and despite his age he is still a reference when you know the delay you want.
Most: the sound palettes available
tap tempo directly accessible
Sound heat

Cons: 3 savable presets (it's said that?) (excluding pedal expression)
bitonios the plastic look fragile

I do not regret my purchase carefully considered.

A good compromise (Line 6 - M9)

By ricou8312, 06/08/2014
A good Swiss Army knife with a multitude of effects more or less useful.


Very easy to use, no need to read the manual as it is simple.
Settings for different effects is very simple with potentiometers found the right sound quickly.
This little box is very ergonomic.


That's why I bought this pedal, I had seen videos on youtube of guys who played U2 and I found it stunning.
Necessarily delays and reverbs are really great.
There are one or two who distos not seem to hurt me too (screamer, heavy ....).
I love the little looper that enough for me and has a good quality.
I plug it into a vox Ac4 a lamp and it sounds very very good!!
It happens with toues my guitars (Strat, and Jazzmaster thinline telecaster).


I recently, but it's been a while since I was eyeing on the m13 or 9.
I looked at the m9 becaufe my amp has no effects loop and also because he does not take place.
I had a lot of effects (analog or digital), saying I sold all my pedals so that the suits me.
A bit expensive new, there are good Bazaars however.
I think it is good value for money considering all that was in it.
The only downside that I found, and it is also on this point that we must be vigilant to buy, it is the quality of the switches.
If your pedal a little experienced, it is likely that the latter is tired.
It's a little disease like line 6 DL4 excellent.
Brief in this case do not worry there is a mod to change by more robust.
The manipulation for the m13 here:

Not terrible (Line 6 - M5)

By alcools, 18/07/2014
See manufacturer's website for specifications.

Screen legibility even by adjusting the contrast
The knobs surment would not last long (if I had kept this machine)


Fairly easy to use


First, the converters are of very poor quality (used to share with my analog synth), lots of bass and lost momentum. Just for that, I will not have it kept.
Deuxio, with some effects a little fun (especially in reverb), it is very little qualitative (eg delay) or really good (phaser, flanger, distortion).


So unless you want dirty sound (and there's still better for it), this stuff is to be avoided.

Excellent machine for fun and work! (Line 6 - JM4 Looper)

By nicodx, 31/12/2013
Looper pedal with digital effects and SD Card. You can create the loop, or work pieces by loading backing-tracks, and even impress their friends by playing these songs with the accompaniment plays itself.

- A damn good looper and almost unlimited because you can use an SD Card.
- The amp simulation: Clean, Crunch, etc..
- Delays with tap tempo, Phaser, etc..
- An efficient compressor.
- A separate reverb.

+ A box with integrated rate
+ Pieces on which to improvise (but useless in my opinion.

- Guitar,
- Microphone with XLR input,
- Auxiliary.


The setup is fairly simple, but it's still a looper with effects, therefore, must spend some time on the manual is very well done.


Effects are sufficient at this level (this is not a multi-purpose either!)
The separate reverb is appreciable.
The compressor works well.
The amp sims are good but I'm not a fan. I prefer my Roland Cube simulation.

I use it with a Fender American Standard Telecaster and everything connected to my live stereo or headphones.

Sounds nickel!


I use it for 3 months and I am delighted. This is a very good camera in my opinion but a bit expensive new.

I have a problem: the headphone jack is a little jaded so robustness issue, it is a bit mean.

In addition, general way, it is for use at home, but for the stage, a specialized looper seems more appropriate (as you put too many effects, the sound is a little distorted therefore found not top: ().

Otherwise, for the rest not worry. And gained occas, I do it again this choice without hesitation!

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