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Beyerdynamic PA & Live Sound

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User reviews on PA & Live Sound Beyerdynamic products

projectsoftx6's review (DJ-X1)

By projectsoftx6, 14/05/2008
I used (I) for 1 year.

I had the headphone Stanton DJ Pro 2000S
First observation, the headphone is heavier then slips over the head.
The sound is a little better than my old Stanton powerful and trs.
The atria are swinging a little in every sense, it's a bit embtant.
Given the quality of hoops, I knew they were going to snap one day or another and it did. A Premire with Earphone left who can do a 360 (when there was a stopping point) and the right atrium which was bad crac little bit more on the headset .
Appraisal: 95 left in smoke, can be rcuprable with super glue. I pass on my old Stanton is a DLIC (lightweight and comfortable, its a little less powerful for my Rane Empath IDAL's monumentally powerful headphone output)

A headphone that had it all, price, quality will cost you, but pretty good construction with the same default the majority of all DJ Headphones: arches that ptent in less then 2 that 'there cares.
Prvenu you are, is better ... headphone type solid Stantion Dj Pro 2000 (not 3000 as it is a stew see opinion)
5 / 10 as headphones ptent more tt! lol

blancjs's review (TG-X 50)

By blancjs, 26/12/2013
I bought it at its output for my bass drum. Still requires an equalizer to properly highlight the GC in the mix.
It is solid, quite heavy. Easy to place near the striking of water if you want a bit of attack.
Good value for money. Used rating is stupid ..... So Take a new D6 at this price!

News PA & Live Sound Beyerdynamic

[NAMM] beyerdynamic Opus 910 UH

Published on 01/25/11
At the NAMM show in Anaheim, beyerdynamic launches its new wireless Opus 910.