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SuperBoucle, an open source looper software

SuperBoucle is a new open source software project designed for both live and composing purposes on Windows and Linux.

SuperBoucle is a looper that is synced via Jack transport and fully controllable via MIDI. It is based on a sample grid that can be controlled with any MIDI pad or keyboard and sends information to the MIDI device in order to light up the pad LEDs.

The particularity in SuperBoucle is that the sample is also played from the beginning, so you’ll just have to press the keys before the next loop is played. You can adjust the duration of a sample in beat and offset in beat or raw frame count with negative and positive values, so that the next sample playback can start before the next beat (useful for reverse playback).

SuperBoucle also allows for recording new loops, reverse and normalize a sample.


  • Jack transport
  • Loop recording with automatic latency adjustment
  • Audio and MIDI I/O
  • Sample normalize and reverse
  • Negative sample offset (beat or frame)
  • Supported audio formats: WAV, FLAC, AIFF and more, but currently no MP3
  • Support for any MIDI device or the keyboard/mouse control
  • Goto feature to jump to a precise location in the track

SuperBoucle is available for free download from