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User Review

How to start computer music without getting discouraged - Reviews Native Instruments Maschine mk3

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Which setup are you using this device on? :
I own a big gamer’s setup: Win 10 / 32 gb of ram / I7 / GTX1070

What about its stability? How much resource does it use?
The Maschine software is very stable, i’ve never had a crash or CPU overuse with it

In what context do you currently use this product? :
I purchased it to produce Detroit/Berlin style Techno (I know, there’s quite a gap between those genres ^^)
Then, training for FINGER DRUMMING, and why not ending up playing live – everything seems eventual with this MK3 as i twas precisely made for a hybrid use

Is the manual sufficient? :
The Maschine software and MK3 come with a very complete documentation as NI’s website provides a 1,000-page PDF
I wish they would have provided us with a printed version as reading 1,000 pages on a screen is not the most pleasant thing to do, but let’s say Native saves trees! :-D

Is it easy to use? What about its learning curve? :
I’m a beginner, I once tried Ableton live 2/3 hours so here go my notions in computer music ^^ – you could say nothing at all.
I started in that domain recently and I’m not disappointed, I feel like this is the best tool for a beginner as the MK3 allows for a simplified control over the Maschine software. Everything is very user-friendly, with the MK3’s screens and switches that light on depending on whether they can be used or not.
The Maschine users community is also very large, so when needed tutorials are easy to find all over the web.
I’ve been learning to use it for a week now, spending several hours on it daily and I learn day after day with no frustration, so this Maschine is perfect for beginners then perform. It’s a real hybrid in all regards: both for the kinds of users it addresses, and the way it can be used.

What is the quality of the included instruments and sounds? Are they numerous enough to your taste? :
So far, the included instruments (Monark , Massive , Gentlemen…) are way enough for me, provided you tweak the sounds with effects and so on. Possibilities are endless, leave alone the 9GB (!) of soundpacks which come with the Maschine.
I’ll see later if I need other VSTs or soundpacks.

What are the pros and cons of this product?
Perhaps I’m under the beginner’s “WOW” syndom, but so far I like everything in it and can’t find any fault with it. Perhaps I’ll come back and edit in some time to precise my pros and cons.

What aspects or features have guided your choice to this piece of software rather than another model?
As I said above, the fact that it’s an ultra-hybrid product, both in terms of music-making process and the user profiles it addresses.