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User reviews on Loopers Line 6 products

Excellent machine for fun and work! (JM4 Looper)

By nicodx, 31/12/2013
Looper pedal with digital effects and SD Card. You can create the loop, or work pieces by loading backing-tracks, and even impress their friends by playing these songs with the accompaniment plays itself.

- A damn good looper and almost unlimited because you can use an SD Card.
- The amp simulation: Clean, Crunch, etc..
- Delays with tap tempo, Phaser, etc..
- An efficient compressor.
- A separate reverb.

+ A box with integrated rate
+ Pieces on which to improvise (but useless in my opinion.

- Guitar,
- Microphone with XLR input,
- Auxiliary.


The setup is fairly simple, but it's still a looper with effects, therefore, must spend some time on the manual is very well done.


Effects are sufficient at this level (this is not a multi-purpose either!)
The separate reverb is appreciable.
The compressor works well.
The amp sims are good but I'm not a fan. I prefer my Roland Cube simulation.

I use it with a Fender American Standard Telecaster and everything connected to my live stereo or headphones.

Sounds nickel!


I use it for 3 months and I am delighted. This is a very good camera in my opinion but a bit expensive new.

I have a problem: the headphone jack is a little jaded so robustness issue, it is a bit mean.

In addition, general way, it is for use at home, but for the stage, a specialized looper seems more appropriate (as you put too many effects, the sound is a little distorted therefore found not top: ().

Otherwise, for the rest not worry. And gained occas, I do it again this choice without hesitation!

Satisfactory (JM4 Looper)

By guitar.bruno, 08/01/2013

Effects are those of colleagues and other Floor Pod Pod 2.0, no compressor against.



It's pretty simple, the primary goal being the repetition of loops or without addition or with preset rhythms.
Manual clear and Editions of affordable sounds and effects.



The use of effects and modeling is satisfactory with the bare minimum, there is a clean, crunch and distortion easily.

With Fender Tele and Gibson Flying V.



I've had it about 3 years.

The big problem is that the recurrent loop bugue sometimes it starts recording and the end can not hear anything! Repair method that I finally found is to do a factory reset to restore normal operation.

I have not found a solution or a firmware update to address this problem ...

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Line 6 JM4 Looper now Shipping

Published on 09/02/08
Line 6 has announced that they are now shipping their JM4 Looper which features over 100 tracks and drum grooves in more than 10 styles.

[Musikmesse] Line 6 JM4 Looper

Published on 03/13/08

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