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Line 6 JM4 Looper

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User Reviews

Excellent machine for fun and work!

By nicodx, 31/12/2013
Looper pedal with digital effects and SD Card. You can create the loop, or work pieces by loading backing-tracks, and even impress their friends by playing these songs with the accompaniment plays itself.

- A damn good looper and almost unlimited because you can use an SD Card.
- The amp simulation: Clean, Crunch, etc..
- Delays with tap tempo, Phaser, etc..
- An efficient compressor.
- A separate reverb.

+ A box with integrated rate
+ Pieces on which to improvise (but useless in my opinion.

- Guitar,
- Microphone with XLR input,
- Auxiliary.


The setup is fairly simple, but it's still a looper with effects, therefore, must spend some time on the manual is very well done.


Effects are sufficient at this level (this is not a multi-purpose either!)
The separate reverb is appreciable.
The compressor works well.
The amp sims are good but I'm not a fan. I prefer my Roland Cube simulation.

I use it with a Fender American Standard Telecaster and everything connected to my live stereo or headphones.

Sounds nickel!


I use it for 3 months and I am delighted. This is a very good camera in my opinion but a bit expensive new.

I have a problem: the headphone jack is a little jaded so robustness issue, it is a bit mean.

In addition, general way, it is for use at home, but for the stage, a specialized looper seems more appropriate (as you put too many effects, the sound is a little distorted therefore found not top: ().

Otherwise, for the rest not worry. And gained occas, I do it again this choice without hesitation!


By guitar.bruno, 08/01/2013

Effects are those of colleagues and other Floor Pod Pod 2.0, no compressor against.



It's pretty simple, the primary goal being the repetition of loops or without addition or with preset rhythms.
Manual clear and Editions of affordable sounds and effects.



The use of effects and modeling is satisfactory with the bare minimum, there is a clean, crunch and distortion easily.

With Fender Tele and Gibson Flying V.



I've had it about 3 years.

The big problem is that the recurrent loop bugue sometimes it starts recording and the end can not hear anything! Repair method that I finally found is to do a factory reset to restore normal operation.

I have not found a solution or a firmware update to address this problem ...

ratsscabies's review

By ratsscabies, 24/10/2012
See below ...
Everything is for fun, equalizer, preset effect, beatbox, looper ...
There is no USB port!
Left-right output that can switch on 2 amps.
Material thought to play well at home or repet.
No internal lamp but anyway it is useless.


I plugged in and I played, nothing complicated if we already had multi-effects ...
The manual is only useful if you want to deepen the technology of the device otherwise used without manual entirely possible and super easy!
Potentiometers on the front are convenient and simple, just what you need.
The drum part is super convenient to train in tones and solos, JM4 not used to it?
In addition to the tone is indicated on the screen.
The knob, amp model, you can change the type of sound, light (very) saturated, very convenient.
Only problem, is not controllable foot is better to use the hands up to the settings.
The material is made to train at home and it is perfect ...


Then I do not understand the guitarists friends below?
The sound effects and great, we get to slap sounds way to strat sounds very metal until slaughter saturations extreme!
The clear sound effects are realistic and large enough to have fun as it should be.
I first tested with a guitar Brian may signature Trisonic three single coil pickups and I found in the preset sound quality may brian CD ...
Plugged into an amplified speaker, this way no addition effect on amplification except low-treble.
The sound is very clean.
I think to play the guitar, you must keep it simple without too much thing to add ...


I use it for 2 hours, I have not done all the way around the camera, but the whole.
I had all the gear a guitarist can have in his life almost, that is saying a lot!
I think it's still expensive (nine), but in life everything is expensive!
Fortunately there are nice guys and serious on the net that sell occas at good price!
I am happy with my purchase, against your instincts and do not listen to others, and this applies to everything, not only in music!
A small bemol for manufacturing quality made in china at the buttons, but we'll see in time ...
Small problem also for the social life, when you push the sound back, we no longer hear Mrs. say 'at the table!' and that mouth!

Countdown's review

By Countdown, 20/07/2012
Looper / Sampler Line 6 ...

All features have been described Samho not in the "News"!

Otherwise, I leave an opinion because I decided to give one to each device that I had or still have, to contribute to life on the forum!
Indeed, I was lucky to find several opinions on the same product when I registered knew AF! End of parenthesis!


The manual is very well done.
Take your time and read it correctly, because everything is not as intuitive as it ... even if it comes soon! Do not hesitate to tweak, you learn faster ...

Personally, I use it in 3 ways:

-When I go on holiday somewhere! A skyscraper, JM4 and headphone ... it's still better than Amplug Vox. And frankly, it's fun on the balcony of a chalet in the Alps at midnight with a good lather! Uh, HS, sorry!

To-work plans and solos on presets "artists" ... or mine or those of the other guitarists of the band!

-And to save "quickly" an idea that might fly ...

I do not hide at home, rather than to light a lamp for 30 mins, I use the JM4. It is permanently connected to a power amp Marshall VS8008, and all in a 2x12! Work for a while, it's still enough ... we must stop to tell it!


So SOUND! It is a means, it's true!

There, or Me, I'm very dissatisfied, it's more in terms of effects.
They are very average, and more, it is very difficult to adjust them properly!
But hey, this is not a true multi Fx anyway! Nevertheless, these painful, especially in clean / chorus for me.

Then, other reviews have come down squarely JM4, in terms of sound quality. What I would like to say is that if in this box, there was an AC30, a Dual Rectifier and a Hot Rod, we would know! Or ...

Where is the best sound quality, it is low volume (well, low / medium what!) ... Especially for distortion. A high volume, distortion transo are some limitations, it is true, and you can feel it with this unit! It's messy, it lacks fullness.
Of bass better than the treble. That's what I felt especially through headphones. Otherwise, in my config Power Amp Marshall highs have more precision, and all except "pale".

While the sound is quite synthetic in general, this distortion is that the device gets the best out of the game ..
Crunches are means, they lack the thick, heavy sound of this, and the cleans are rather flat, almost "lifeless" ... what the purists Fenderien panic!

But ... all the rest means and this unit still has the average (10 or 11 out of 20, not more) and not 4 or 6 of 20 as we noted other AFiens! Well, that's their choice. I think their expectations and hopes were such that the disappointment has taken over!

At first, it is not easy to make a perfect loop input. We will resume several times, but we must insist! And after, with the usual manages to make a loop almost "perfect" ... and that runs well.

It can speed up or slow down the presets for some artists ... If it goes too fast, it can be useful. The small downside to this is that the tone will change also. For example, for a preset in MI, if you descedez fèrieure in speed, you will spend in Eb, and so on! Well, it's not bad ... it work a little differently and on other area of ​​the handle ...

Presets some tracks (ACDC, Police, Metallica, etc ... are not so bad I think. This is my personal opinion, contrary to an opinion that it is to puke!

A small flat also for the level of output volume of the instrument!
On some presets artists, it appears too low and you have to change settings (amp simulation).


This device is intended solely for domestic use, as I describe in the "use"!
If some people expected a great product for live and / or the studio, he missed! Hence, some of their dissatisfaction that I can finally understand! Live, we see mostly the JamMan. Ultimately, we must not mistake the device when it was acquired.
Personally it suits me fine because I was expecting this kind of product, knowing what I was going I do!

To return to home use, it will be used for beginners and scratch "means good," to work ranges, plans and other licks, on sound presets artists (and even on their own), an idea to record output like that! This device is intended for that, guys ... to progress while at home alone, with headphones or an amp!

Zique good at all ...
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  • Model:JM4 Looper
  • Series:Stompboxes Modeler
  • Category:Loopers
  • Added in our database on: 03/13/2008

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Line 6 JM4 Looper now Shipping

Published on 09/02/08
Line 6 has announced that they are now shipping their JM4 Looper which features over 100 tracks and drum grooves in more than 10 styles.

[Musikmesse] Line 6 JM4 Looper

Published on 03/13/08

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